Top Ten Actors With Beards

This list is brought to you by top ten lists that mean something.  We’ve got bearded men this time around, and they better be well-groomed to make this list.  Sorry Keanu.  You’re out!

10.  Leonardo DiCaprio – Leo teaches all men how to groom.  Most of the time, he’s got the goatee going and the disappearing beard.  He’s not all like Robinson Crusoe, but it’s there, you just have to look.

beards29.  Chris Hemsworth – Hemsworth snuck onto this list somehow because I remembered Thor has a beard.  It’s true.  He’s a well-manicured superhero God.  The ladies like the beard, obviously. 

beards38.  Lawrence Fishburne – Whenever I see this guy without his beard, he looks strange.  Fishburne began to wear a beard all through the 80s and 90s, then it disappeared altogether when he became Morpheus.  The beard returned again when he played Perry White in Batman v Superman, so I guess it’s supposed to make him look a little older and more distinguished.

7.  Ben Affleck – Affleck can’t be Batman and have a beard, but he’s been bearded in plenty of other movies.  He’s not afraid to go grey-beard like George Clooney or trim it real short like he’s Ewan McGregor or something.  He’s trying to build a look.  Affleck’s got plenty of time working the different looks, so take your pick.

beards46.  Hans Gruber – Alan Rickman played Hans Gruber in Die Hard, one of the most iconic villains of the 80s.  His beard is the best part about his character.  Really.  It makes him look evil.  Watch out, he might throw you out out of a window.

beards65.  Idris Elba – Elba is another member of the permanent facial hair club.  He’s trimmed it down and gone full goatee, but I have NEVER seen him without a beard.  Or a moustache.  Or a goatee.  George Clooney, Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor are all wanna-be beardies compared to this guy.  He’ll never give it up.  NEVER.

4. Kevin Smith – While other people on this list have gone back and forth, I’ve never seen Kevin Smith without a beard.  Maybe he’s had a role without a beard, but I’ve never seen that movie.  Now I’m so used to it, I don’t want him to go without the beard.  It’d be a travesty.

3.  Mr. T – This wouldn’t be a list about the beard without Mister T.  He’s an icon.  He’s such an icon, he’s typecast to a certain role and attitude.  I’ll give him his props though for his work beyond The A-Team and commercials, like Rocky III.  That was a good performance.  You’ve got to admit that.  

beards72.  Brian Blessed – Brian Blessed has one of the most iconic beards since Santa Claus.  Okay, maybe not, but it fits him.  He’s a veteran stage actor and guess what?  He plays Henry V and wears a beard.  Hamlet?  That’s right, he’s in a beard.  Much Ado About Nothing?  Beard again.  His most famous role was Flash Gordon and he’s got a beard in that too.  The guy can work the beard, there’s no doubt about that, but going full beard in SHAKESPEARE, well— that has to count for something.

  1.  Chuck Norris – This guy sports the beard like it’s going out of style.  His whole persona is built around being tough, so he needs a beard.  The only time I’ve seen him without a beard is in his first appearance fighting Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon (1972), but he just looks ridiculous.  The bearded 80s were his high point and Walker, Texas Ranger only cemented his legacy.  You can’t be a cowboy toughguy like him without a beard.  That’s just the way it is.