31 Days of Halloween 2016 #14 – The First Final Chapter

friday2Most people argue that Friday the 13th Part 6 or 7 is the best of the bunch, but The Final Chapter is underappreciated.  Roger Ebert had the strongest review of this movie I’ve ever seen from his critical movie review television show, saying that this movie was an immortal and reprehensible piece of trash.  It’s certainly a good example of a teen mutilation movie, but searching for something more than that is going to set yourself up for disappointment.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s sometimes deeper stuff in horror movies, but not this one.  

friday1Okay, so it’s a horror movie, and it’s about stabbing and killing and murdering and running away from a faceless killer.  That’s it.  So who likes that kind of thing?  Plenty of people.  Maybe…..just MAYBE there’s something visceral about this series which makes it appealing, especially to young people, who like the shocks and the next big thing.  I think this is why Saw is also popular.  And this one cuts to the chase, so it works.

There’s a lot of stabbings in this film.  I mean, sometimes the deaths vary in horror, but not in this movie.  Jason stabs indiscriminately and chalks up teen after teen.  Many critics have noticed the attention the girls get from the impaling, and it’s true.  There’s one example after another.  The female hitchhiker is stabbed through the neck.  Terri is stabbed and impaled.  Sara gets impaled by an axe while wearing a towel.  Tina is the only one not stabbed.  She’s thrown out a second-story window instead.  What variety.  

The producers recognized the appeal of the series to 12-year-old boys, so they threw in Tommy Jarvis.  I guess it all comes down to dollars.  It worked obviously, and it doesn’t hurt that Corey Feldman is competent in his role as Tommy, creating a character younger people could identify with.  Myself, I could take or leave the Tommy character, but he’s not really made for me.  It’s funny how the first couple of movies had female main characters and this one comes along and makes 11 million opening weekend on a shoestring budget.  I don’t know why that is.  Just cause Tommy is a dork?  

friday3Obviously, there’s more to this movie than Tommy, and I’d say the other actors do a good job too and the effects are great.  Crispin Glover is hilarious and very memorable in his role.  Kimberly Beck as Trish is a strong leading character.  Everyone else is a throwaway.  The effects are top-notch, and the kills are excellent, especially those close-ups of the stabbings.  I think Tom Savini may be why there’s so many stabbings and axe murders in this movie, so as to showcase his talents.  Jason’s death at the end is particularly good.

Overall, I like this movie.  To be honest, I don’t think it’s as campy as part 6 or 7 and the gruesome kills really bring this one home.  The kids are really butchered this time, because they’ve thrown out the suspense and the slow-build Part 1 and 2 have.  That’s why it’s The Final Chapter. Tom Savini really puts on a show in this movie, and delivers the red when it’s called for.  Fortunately, there’s a lot of likeable characters too, so there’s a balance. The Final Chapter tries to at least put on a show before the blood, but it delivers the red when it’s called for.  Thanks Tom.



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