31 Days of Halloween 2016 #13 – Cube 1997

cube2Creators of The Blair Witch Project must have watched Cube (1997) and thought walking to nowhere was a good idea.  I’m really a sucker for low-budget junk that tries to be something more than it is.  It’s endearing, especially for a horror movie that can have so many negatives.  This movie is so low-budget, Roger Corman would be proud. The minimalistic nature works, mostly because they have to fill it with something, like a great premise and an intriguing mystery.

The mystery of Cube is really the most engaging part.  Leave it to the creators to make math engaging because Cube remains interesting even when they start blabbing about prime numbers and Cartesian coordinates, which is a credit to the film.  However, the really interesting thing about the Cube is that it seems to have no purpose.  The film doesn’t dole out the exposition and the lack of details are enough to make the mystery work.  There’s a lot of other minimalistic or philosophical movies that do the same thing.  I like all of them, by the way.

cube3The characters are archetypes, brought together because they have enough talent to solve the Cube together, so basically the Cube can be assumed to be a torture device based on that fact.  Assuming it was originally built as a torture device is pretty sick, so I guess we can only conclude that it never found its original purpose.  Maybe it never had an original purpose.  Maybe it was just an experiment or a project lost to time and red tape.  Without watching sequels, we’d never know much about it.  Is that a good thing?  The movie seems to revel in its unexplained nature, which in itself, is intriguing.  

Many have suggested that the cube is an allegory for purgatory, like on Lost or something.  I’m not sure what the purpose of the death traps are though, except if those too symbolize something.  It seems as if the cube does away with the “evil” folks and only those worthy escape.  If the ending is any indication, the characters even learn something about how worthy they are to leave, however opinionated that may be.

Overall, I don’t really have much to say about this movie because there isn’t much there, beyond endless speculation and conjecture, that is.  The acting is okay, and the dialogue could use some work, but the mystery is darn good and makes for a good premise to throw the characters something to do.  The potential established in this movie is really interesting, but it’s like they didn’t go far enough with the progression of the mystery.  Instead, they decided on an esoteric, Kafka-esque approach, which is not necessarily bad, just different.  There’s plenty of allegories and dialogue with double meanings, which puts a lot of people off, but I like it.  To them, I can only say this: it’s existential, silly.


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