31 Days of Halloween 2016 #2 – Halloween 2

hallow3I guess everyone can agree Halloween II (1981) is a retread and a poor sequel, but who can live up to the original Halloween?  When you’re a movie that’s inspired a whole genre of copycats, I guess there’s bound to be disappointment, especially when the only thing Halloween II does is up the violence.

The movie tries to prop up the series continuity, but doesn’t do a very good job.  The sequel takes place a few minutes after the original, but in reality, three years have passed.  Jamie Lee Curtis looks a lot older and she doesn’t look very enthused to be there.  Donald Pleasance is there but he’s doing the same schitck as in the original.

halloween1The beginning of this movie is good, but there’s some underlying problem with Michael Myers.  He doesn’t walk with a purpose and that drains all the energy from the movie.  In one scene, the characters can see Michael on a security monitor, and he just shambles along like a drugged out zombie.  

They often play the same stupid game over and over using laughter and violence.  For example, Curtis opens a door, looks into the dark and somebody grabs her shoulder.  But we can see that it’s only the intern.  Ha ha.  Laugh laugh.  Then the killer strikes.  Uh oh.  That kind of fake out happens more than once and it gets tiresome.

The movie takes place in a hospital, which provides Michael lots of stabbing weapons.  It’s a pretty stupid choice, because the environment seems so ordinary and sparse.   The hospital has no patients and there’s only one doctor on duty, who is killed off when Michael arrives.  Seems sorta improbable that the hospital be this slow.  I’m not sure what this movie would be like if it were a real hospital and busy with real hospital action, but that’s why the setting is a stupid decision in the first place.

Overall, this movie isn’t very good.  On the bright side, the beginning is okay, except for the fake jump scares.  Donald Pleasance gives it his best, but Jamie Lee Curtis can’t be bothered.  Her character is reduced from a major impact on the story, to a bed-ridden comatose victim, limited to grunts.  Embarrassing.  Halloween II is devoid of the tension that made the original great, but it has a lot of blood and a high body count, which the creators figure is a good thing.  It isn’t.



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