The Biggest Terminator Plot Hole of All Time

terminatorOkay, so the original Terminator movie from 1984 is awesome, but what about the plot holes?  Do the plot holes ruin the movie for you?  Not me, but they do make my brain hurt….because logic.  That’s right, there is no logic in the 1984 Terminator movie, considering the ramifications of Time Travel (capitalized). If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then consider that any Time Travel movie comes with its inherent set of problems.  There’s bound to be complications when you have to explain how everything works.   That’s why you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Furthermore, does The Terminator movie explain how everything works?  Not even close.  In fact, they don’t even try.  Why not?  Because then we would see that logic breaks down.  Isn’t thinking about stuff awesome?

Who is John Connor’s father?  It’s Kyle Reese, right?  Is that a dumb question? Actually no, it’s a complicated one. My question is, what happened the very first time Kyle Reese went back in time?  If you recall, he was sent back in time by John himself, so who was his father then?  Can there actually be a first time if he’s sent back in time after he meets John.  That’s right, he meets John in 1984 and is sent back in time sometime later, so I guess the answer to this question is that John’s real father the first time is Kyle Reese, because….time loops, I guess.  Who created the time loop?  Not Kyle Reese and it wasn’t John.  It was the machines, who sent a Terminator back, which prompted future John to send Kyle in the first place.  So basically, the machines created their biggest threat.

Furthermore, why do the machines choose 1984?  That’s a dumb idea, if you ask me.  Since they’re from the future, they KNOW Linda Hamilton is a badass.  In fact, they know she’s a badass waitress AND a survivor.  And that she’s always been a survivor.  Actually, they must not have got that second part.  They thought they’d drop a Terminator into a Denny’s and it’d be easy to kill her, but little did they know that working at Denny’s hardens people to the core.  It’s true.  

Maybe you’ve heard of this one before.  Why didn’t the machines try to kill Sarah when SHE was a kid. Maybe her mom was as badass as her.  Who knows.

Basically, there’s only one Time Travel rule.  That’s convenient.  Basically, “Nothing dead will go”, which is what Kyle says to explain the limitations of the process.  But how did the Terminator travel through time?  Because he’s surrounded by living tissue.  Ohhhhhh.  Hey, but what about the T1000?  Or the annoying female Terminator?  They aren’t surrounded by living tissue, they’re liquid metal alloy or some crap.  How did they make it? I guess Time Travel makes an exception because they’re not “dead”, they’re living metal alloy.  Technically.  But since they’re machines, they’re really dead.  Technically.  Whatever.

And to top it all off, the franchise defeats its major conceit, that you can go back in time and prevent the future.  As we can see from the films, future events happen anyway.  Judgment Day happens no matter what they do and John Connor exists no matter who dies.  This is pretty much what Terminator 3 and the later sequels prove.  They try to find a way around this by saying there are alternate timelines going on, which makes it even more confusing in my opinion.  Oh well.