Who is Sherlock’s sister? The Culverton Review

toby2You know, we get over-the-top Sherlock Holmes where Cumberbun is more psychotic by the second, then we get this episode, which is even worse.  I actually thought it was decent in spots, but it really fails to deliver anything coherent and meaningful, going the quick and sensational route instead, which is unfortunate.  The problem is, the plot and the story elements are really GOOD, and probably the best thing they’ve done in a while.  Sherlock Holmes actually investigates and seems tested by Culverton Smith, the new Big Bad of Sunday’s episode, The Lying Detective.  Problem is, they spoiled it.

I think Toby Jones does a great job as Sherlock’s enemy, Culverton Smith, and he’s really a jerk.  Jones plays it just right, being a jackass at just the right moment, where he’s laughing in Sherlock’s face, cause he’s so rich and pompous.  Everybody hates the rich anyway, so he’s the perfect villain.  I liked everything about the battle of wits between Sherlock and Smith, even the stupid secret entrance stuff Smith builds into his hospital to sneak around and kill people.  Kinda dumb, but scary and cool.  

toby1Sherlock had a few tricks up his sleeve, and I liked most of them.  Mary was thrown in there for some odd reason, and she was as John’s conscience during this episode, which works, but she’s not really needed.  It’s a HUGE cliche, but I guess I didn’t mind because they didn’t play it like they were trying to trick the audience.  There are other things I could complain about and that one really isn’t a sticking point.

Sherlock really needs consistency, because they do a lot of things well but they just can’t help themselves with the stupid twists and over-the-top details.  I think the best parts are the deductions, such as when Sherlock met a lady named Faith and unscrambled almost everything about her.  Almost. They use some of the same tricks you’ve seen before, like chalk marks through the air.  Also, they went way over-the-top with the drugs and the only point to the whole thing was to give Watson something to do, which I guess works for the most part, but it’s narratively convenient, I’ll say that.  Also, they give Sherlock some amazing powers in this episode, and he can’t pick out his own sister.  Pretty lame.

Overall, this great story ends with a dud.  How is Sherlock’s sister connected to Moriarty?  Why is she hiding?  Is she Moriarty’s sister too?  Does that make Moriarty Sherlock’s brother?  I don’t get it.  Why do they need to overcomplicate everything?  Can’t they just have Sherlock Holmes versus Culverton Smith, as in the Canon?  I don’t understand it.  They to shoehorn in another stupid twist, that Sherlock Holmes has a homicidal sister.  That’s who Sherlock’s sister is.  She stalks John and becomes a homicidal lunatic, taking a page out of Moriarty’s handbook.  Maybe everyone’s related in this dumb drama.  Guess we’ll find out.