The End of Sherlock Holmes

sherlock20Ok so I’ve been pretty depressed over the last episode to Benedict Cumberbun’s Sherlock, because I didn’t enjoy the story, but I did start beaming and smiling at one particular moment, which was pure genius from the hit and miss writing team.  As Moriarty flies in on a helicopter, a rock song starts playing, and it’s pretty awesome.  Hands down, the best scene in the final episode, which they’ve called The Final Problem, even though it has no connection to the original story.  So Moriarty flies in, he struts around for a while, and they ruin it by making it a flashback.  Pretty dumb.  And that’s it.  That’s all the glee I get from The Final Problem.  Too bad.

The problem with this episode is that it feels like an afterthought.  It’s pretty much an epilogue to a longer story, which has been dragging its feet through a few episodes now.  We already got a new villain and a new motivation and a new setup, so now we just get a fight through some weak puzzles.  Sherlock doesn’t really solve a crime, just escape a bunch of traps a la the movie Saw or something. It was a lot of fun at first, but eventually gets tiresome.

Something about the tone of this episode just doesn’t fit Sherlock Holmes.  There’s a sadistic, horror quality to it that just turned me off.  Sherlock is mostly helpless for most of the episode anyway, so that’s disappointing.  And the payoff is a copout, because there’s nobody to save from the evil villain, except his two buddies who I never thought would die anyway.  

sherlock3Another thing that annoyed me is how they tore down the mystique of Moriarty.  He’s supposed to be the main guy, the archnemesis of Sherlock Holmes, but he’s relegated to some silly sound bites and video clips in this one, except for the flashback, and that’s all we get.  It’s pretty disappointing.  Sure, the videos are kinda funny, but I wouldn’t use Moriarty for some cheap laughs.  Later, they revealed that Uros spent a few minutes with Moriarty, and she was able to set up her evil plan with his help.  I’m not sure why that was included, because it implies she can’t really do much by herself without him.  So to compensate, she acts all crazy, kills a bunch of people randomly, and really goes over-the-top.  Really dumb.  It’s like they had to make Uros crazier than Moriarty for some reason.  Why?

Also, the end had me wondering what they were thinking.  Here we’ve got a psychotic weirdo lady who kills a bunch of people, so Sherlock decides to forgive her and play a violin duet with her.  Say what?  I didn’t get that scene.  Ok, she’s family, but she’s a murderer, and the problem is that somebody like Sherlock shouldn’t forgive Uros.  They make a huge effort in The Final Problem to show that deep down, Sherlock is a good guy, pretty much, even in the Molly scene where he throws a tantrum for hurting her. Should somebody like that play a violin duet with a murdering psycho? 

Lastly, the major flaw of this episode is that it’s a total fabrication.  Holmes and Watson are trying for most of the running time to save a little girl on a plane, which is gonna crash because of Uros.  I don’t like that it turned out to be all in her mind, because that’s just yet another cheap ploy, and writing like that doesn’t play fair with the audience.  Mysteries are supposed to be fun for the audience to watch because they can follow all the clues and the story is supposed to take them on a journey through step 1, step 2, and so on until you get to that climax and the ultimate deduction/reveal or whatever.  There’s none of that in this stupid episode.  What they were fighting for was just a ruse and nobody could predict that.  

Overall, this is a dumb episode, and a real embarrassment.  To top it all off, they bring back Mary just to annoy us all, because they can’t let the poor girl go.  She’s got another stupid video she’s recorded ahead of time for this one.  Mostly, there’s very little to like about this one, except the beginning and the Mycroft character.  Mycroft was pretty good in this one, and had some of the best dialogue.  Also, when he’s in disguise, that part was pretty funny.  The rest of the episode wasn’t.  And it didn’t need to be, but it failed anyway.  It’s like the writers tried to wow us and be so clever with their stupid writing, but it felt contrived and overdone.  Take a break, folks.  Come back when you have a real mystery.