Eye in the Sky (2015) – Have you seen this one?

eye1Eye in the Sky (2015) is an Amazon Prime/Netflix special and it has some melodramatic, tear jerking scenes nobody can dislike.  This movie is about drone operations and their mission to assassinate some terrorists, but they have to decide how much collateral damage is too much.  In the movie, a little girl parks outside the terrorist house and a drone flies overhead, waiting for the kill  order.  Guess what happens?

This movie is directed by Gavin Hood, whose resume includes the craptastic Ender’s Game and the profitable (but still craptastic) X-Men: Wolverine.  So what’s he doing directing this movie?  Creating tension, that’s what.  The man can work.  The only complaint I have is that the tension almost drags on too long, until that’s all the movie is about, arguing about whether killing a little girl is acceptable collateral damage.

eye3This movie stars….nobody I know, and it was made on a shoestring budget.  The only notable actor is Helen Mirren, who plays a military Colonel in charge of killing the terrorists in the death house.  The central theme of the movie is the emotion surrounding the mission and Mirren handles it with a deadpan look that’ll make you shiver.  She’s cold people.  At one point, she tries to get the drone pilot to fire on the house before the politicians even make a decision.  Wow! That’s ballsy.  It works for her character and I liked it.

So they’re arguing about firing a single hellfire missile.  They argue about propaganda.  They argue about collateral damage.  They call the US Foreign Secretary and she tells these guys to buck up and blow up these terrorists already.  I felt the same.  Until the little girl rides up on her bicycle and starts to set up shop selling bread in front of the death house.  Yikes.  They zoom in and play up the emotion.  This movie is told from the perspective of the drone high above the action but there’s still some emotion to be had.  They do drop down with the people occasionally, such as when one of the Agents runs away from militant terrorists.  We never do find out what happens to him.  Too busy worrying about the little girl, I guess.

Overall, this was a good movie.  There’s really not much to review because there’s not much to describe, but I like the fine details about politics and right or wrong.  It’s not even about guilt or innocence.  The movie portrays the terrorists as flat-out evil and that’s it.  It’s only a question of how far the good guys have to go to stop them.  Many critics have rated this movie the most underrated offering of 2015 and I agree.  This is a gripping thriller.

As a side note, the armed forces have a drone the size of a beetle with a camera on it’s head.  Amazing.