March movies 2017 #boxoffice #movies

movienewsCould March 2017 be a record breaker at the box office?  I think it has a good chance of beating the March record, at least.  There are a number of blockbusters coming out with that Summer flair for attracting a general audience, and it’s not even close to Summer movie season yet.  

First of all, there’s Beauty and the Beast.  It looks like families are going to love this one.  It has the Disney epic cinematography that made Alice in Wonderland good, but without the stupidness.  It stars Emma Watson and some other guy under a lot of make-up, and they’re supposed to sing and make eyes at each other for about 2 hours.  It’s not my kind of movie, but maybe the kids will lap it up.  Yeah, 2 hours of that.  You’re welcome.

So, I mentioned Beauty and the Furry Guy first because that’s the closest March is going to get to a sure thing.  But there is Kong.  Kong: Skull Island is either going to dominate or wander around for a while and not make as much as estimated.  I think either one could happen.  Peter Jackson’s King Kong really dominated the box office opening weekend, but it petered out and was too long.  It also cost more than this version.  Then again, it was released in December and grabbed the audience it needed right from the start.  I think this Kong is going to have a similar performance.  It has Samuel L. Jackson.  C’mon, how bad can it be?

Let’s be honest, those two movies are going to make money.  And be #1.  The rest of March is up for grabs, depending on how good the movies are.  Ghost in the Shell comes out March 31st and looks like it’s at least trying to emulate the source material, but I haven’t paid enough attention to see if they’ve really captured the comic.  I doubt it.  

Logan comes out March 3rd, and rounds out at an exasperating 138 minutes.  Holy crap, trim the fat James Mangold, geezus.  This guy loves his pictures.  That movie is probably going to underperform.  It’s too long.

Has anybody decided to write an article yet about how much the Power Rangers movie is going to bomb?  I myself haven’t decided if that movie is even going to tank in the first place.  Who knows, it might be a modest success, but since it’s coming out on March 24th, I think families aren’t going to choose it over other March offerings .  I could easily be wrong though, it just doesn’t look like it has much to lift it to #1.  There’s no leading actor to bank on, for one.  And there’s dozens of other reasons, probably left for a longer, 500 word article.

The comedy ChiPs comes out the same weekend, March 24th.  I think this one looks pretty funny, and that’s saying something for me, because I’ve not been a fan of modern comedies, like those based on gross out humor, constant swearing, or over-the-top pratfalls.  It could make some money, but it probably won’t be number one.  I wonder why they chose March for this one.  Yikes.

As for the rest, Boss Baby has had about a dozen trailers and it could be a surprise.  It’s another one of those Pixar kids grabs.  There’s a couple other interesting releases, but I don’t think any of them will really top the ones I’ve already mentioned.  Maybe if Kristen Stewart can actually act in Personal Shopper, but that title just makes me fear for her success.  March looks like a good one though.