The Force Awakens…Backlash?

Have you noticed the recent backlash against Star Wars: The Force Awakens?  I hear comments online from time to time how this wasn’t such a good movie, and there’s a few critics that have really laid into it second hand, way after they drooled over it when it first came out.  All these people were gushing over Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars trailer reaction on YouTube, but now they’re so-so on the movie.  Why?

Okay, so this movie isn’t the greatest of all time.  It has flaws.  But it’s still pretty fun.  It has great moments, some good dialogue and satisfied pretty much everybody because it had everything we were expecting.  The tone was even great, led by new, young actors.  No annoying kids or stupid CGI comedy relief.

Anyway, this movie had only maybe one or two things I didn’t like.  First, the villainous plot is sorta annoying, a rehash of the original Star Wars.  This is the number one criticism from a LOT of people today, although it’s probably not at the top of my list.  The top one on my list is the lack of Luke Skywalker, and an ending that made me laugh out loud, as I snapped my fingers,  “They got me! That was a good one!”.  Yes, there’s no Luke and that was perhaps the best cliffhanger of all time in science fiction.

I guess I was annoyed by Rey being so superstrong but I only really noticed that after some idiots online picked apart The Force Awakens and began all this backlash crap.  I’d say cut it out.  It was the movie we wanted and it was good.