Top Ten Questions From Prometheus and Why Covenant has to Rock

I’ll tell you what, Alien Covenant better rock or my whole month is going in the crapper.  From the trailer, it looks like it’s the anti-Prometheus film, with you know, actual aliens in your aliens movie.  That’s a good thing.  It’s got action up the ying-yang, David Fasbender, and a whole gaggle-full of human victims for the xenomorphs.  The rumor is that Covenant is going to do it up right with the Body Horror and turn up the volume on the sneaky action.  Awesome sauce!

Hopefully, Covenant won’t have the same open questions posed by Prometheus.  But I’m hoping it’s not just one big exposition dump, either.  Many things were kept ambiguous on purpose, in favor of exploring Ridley Scott’s new themes, like creation, pride, the nature of a soul, and others.  But were these answered?  Are these the most common questions from Prometheus?  If so, does Covenant have to be more straightforward and clear?

10.  Is Prometheus a prequel? This question is from the casual fan.  The answer is yes, Prometheus is a prequel and Covenant is too.  The crew of the Prometheus lands on a rock similar to that in the original Alien.  The real question is why did the Engineers land or crash on LV-426?  Were they out of control because of an alien infestation?  Were they exploring and released their weapon accidentally?

9.  How did the archaeologists know to connect all the dots and begin a space mission to LV-426?  This is the crux of the movie, that cave paintings all referred to the same spot in space, thereby making the scientists interested in traveling there.  The scientists didn’t seem to have discovered the paintings and markings all on their own, but they seem to have done the research to connect all the findings.  The movie doesn’t say how they picked LV-426 amongst the millions of planets, but apparently the paintings and drawings were specific enough to pick it out amongst a constellation.  

8.  Are the aliens in Prometheus and Covenant the same ones in Alien or Aliens?  It’s the same species.  The Alien has the ability to take on it’s host’s qualities, such as in Alien vs Predator where it had mandibles and dreadlocks.  

7.  Why did Weyland fake his death? Apparently the real reason for the Prometheus mission was to steal more life to keep Peter Weyland alive.  He was put into a frozen state and stowed away on his own ship, in hopes that the scientists would come through for him.  Since Weyland Corp excels at science and technological advances, I guess this is possible, but it seems like a much more devious thing to do than is necessary.  This is just a sorta silly part of the story, not really a plot hole.  

6.  What is the significance of the title Prometheus?  Prometheus is the mythological being who gifted man with various qualities and gave him fire, which represents technology.  This is pretty much what the movie is insinuating, that Godlike beings like Prometheus created man.  The movie is technically about Peter Weyland and his mission, and he’s much closer to Prometheus himself than anyone else, as he creates androids and “gifts” them to Man.  

5.  What is the point of the Vickers character?  This character gets lost in the script rewrites, I believe.  She basically wants her father’s company and wants to take over.   Peter Weyland has no compassion for his daughter, and there are hints of a broken past of some sort.  

4.  Is Vickers a robot?  No.  I guess the way Vickers is treated could be a hint that she is a robot, but I don’t think so.  Her interaction with the crew shows her cold nature, but she shows other emotions too, that David himself doesn’t show or isn’t capable of showing.  Janek’s joke about her being a robot is really just a joke.

3.  Is Vickers really dead? Yes.  I’m not sure what the obsession with Vickers is.  She’s dead.

2.  Is David a one-of-a-kind model?  Why is he so advanced?  David is programmed with the ability to be curious, and he apparently had lots of time to study many things, like human nature, culture, and dreams.  That’s why he’s so advanced.  Whether he’s one-of-a-kind is not answered, but it’s an interesting one that implies that androids can be unique.  Technically, this is impossible, if they all have the same programming.  If they don’t and Weyland programmed David specifically for certain situations and goals, then yes, David is unique.

  1.  Why did David infect Shaw with the black goo?  Why did he kill Logan Marshall-Green?  David tests the goo’s properties on the crew, which was a directive from Peter Weyland, or an product of his curious personality taken to the extreme.  Since his directive was to find a way to help Peter Weyland live, David was forced to find out everything he could.