The Twin Peaks First Episode

Well, never say never. Twin Peaks: The Return is brought to you by trippy acid, so I turned it on with the understanding I would be confused in about two minutes or less. I was right. The show doesn’t open with a recap a la 80s TV, but it does have the same weird vibe and the same strange visuals I remember from the original. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original run of Twin Peaks, but I’m somehow still drawn to this TV show in the same way I’m drawn to other off-beat TV shows like 12 Monkeys. Twin Peaks has charm, charisma, the acting is good, and it makes you think, pondering how many people on the internet are posting theories about what it all means. People love to figure out stuff like that, and they’ve got plenty to dive into if Twin Peaks: The Return is any example.

The Show opens in the Red Room, because of course it does. We meet some old characters and meet some new ones too, plus we find out what Agent Cooper has been up to, as episode one seems to pick up right where the finale of the series left off. Agent Cooper is still possessed by a killer and the town is still bonkers. There are even more demonic ghostly references and I get the feeling that it’s the running theme this time around. The show pretty much centers around a brand new murder, which is nice and refreshing. The first episode ends with the cops deep in the investigation of the murder, which I think is connected to the theme of supernatural possession.

Most of the first episode contains more symbolism than actual narrative, but that’s the way of things with David Lynch. But most of the first episode (and probably the others) is filled with mundane situations punctuated by horror and black humor, which works very well. The grotesque is weirdly abnormal and even the situations are strangely twisted.

The first episode really makes absolutely no sense unless you’ve seen some of Twin Peaks before or at least read about it. I haven’t seen the Twin Peaks movie, but I can see the supernatural influence and a LOT of symbolism, but I’m also familiar with David Lynch. I’d hate to be a complete newcomer trying to understand this crap. Maybe that’s what makes it interesting, and floods internet message boards.  So what does Episode 1 mean?  It’s our “return” to the mundane world of Twin Peaks, which is just about as ordinary (sic) as we left it, and it’s somehow being attacked by the supernatural, which could symbolize any number of outside threats.  I’ll have to think about it for a while (a long while) before I get back to what it all means.  It’s creepy though.