The RETURN of the 12 Monkeys

Okay, so if you’re a television watcher, this weekend was pretty darn good, because you got two hidden gems all in one Sunday, 12 Monkeys AND Twin Peaks.  It’s been an interesting ride for 12 Monkeys, as they’ve twisted the continuity in different ways, and seem to be sticking to a larger story about the mysterious Witness for the new season.  SyFy has also released all of season 3 on-demand, which is both good and bad.  Don’t they have confidence that this show might bring ratings?  I guess not, since they’re dumping all the episodes on us all at once, probably to live up to some contractual agreement.

The first episode of season 3 is a setup episode.  James tries to find Cassie, and Cassie tries to deal with being the mother of the guy who wants to destroy the Universe.  Or Time itself or something.  Anyway, the Tall Man is there, Jennifer Goines gains some new purpose, and James talks to himself about how to fix things.  

The actors seem spot on and that’s probably because the pace is turned up for the first episode, as everybody zips around at lightning speed.  Alisen Down turns it up a notch in her performance as Olivia, and she’s really the highlight of this episode, carrying it with her ‘evil lady’ persona.  Emily Hampshire also has a hilarious moment, as she is stuck in the middle of World War I.   In a humorous moment, Jennifer pictures some advancing soldiers in the middle of a balloon party.  Pretty funny.  Scenes move with energy and I think the whole episode works.  

In the end, episode one is pretty good.  This time travel Titan stories offers a variety of scene scenarios, so that’s good, and there’s still some mystery to keep people interested.  I’m still wondering who the Witness is, or I’m curious if he’s really only a concept or what.  Season 3 looks like it’s continuing to focus on James, but Ramsey is curiously absent for the first episode.  Too bad.  Cassie is there though, but she’s sitting around moping the whole time.  Still, we get a good guest appearances by Hannah Waddingham as Hannah and Alisen Down as Olivia, so it’s all good.  I’m looking forward to watching the next episodes whenever I want! On-demand ftw!