Twin Peaks part 4

Twin Peaks is moving right along, posing a lot of questions.  It sometimes reminds me of things Stanley Kubrick might do, when he poses questions just for posing them, and moves on.  Hopefully, we don’t get the same thing from David Lynch, but mostly I feel like I’m not getting the joke in some of these scenes.  Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t diminish the experience at all, because I’ve decided that this is a great series so far, but it’s deep folks.  This stuff references the references and homages the homages.

I guess what I do get is the main storyline with Dougie vs Agent Cooper vs Evil Coop, and that’s probably the best part of the series so far.  The bit from Part 4 with Agent Cooper in the casino was pure gold right there.  It was just hilarious.  Later on, we caught up with Evil Coop in prison apparently, and Gordon interrogates him, but later admits he doesn’t know what the hell is going on.  I’m guessing that’s supposed to reflect how the audience is feeling.  Why is Evil Coop acting the way he is?  He doesn’t seem as menacing and evil as he used to be, maybe cause he lost something in the struggle with the Black Lodge.

Honestly, a lot of the new material is as good as the cameos from older actors from the original series.  The stuff with Tammy and Naomi Watts’ character is pretty good, but I’m wondering why Watts plays a woman who is so oblivious to Dougie’s condition, but maybe that’s just because she’s trying to carry on with a cover-up or because she’s a replacement too.

Overall, part 4 is a good episode.  I hope they get back to the box thing they showed earlier and maybe explain that, but probably not.  This series gives out answers only when it feels like, not when it’s convenient.  Lynch doesn’t follow the usual structure of a TV show, so there’s plenty he could come back to in order to follow up on with more details, like The Box.  I’m just going to keep watching to see what happens.