Did you watch Twin Peaks part 5?

Twin Peaks part 5 is just as confusing as part 4, and I can see that we’re not going to get a traditional explanation for what’s going on, but there’s still hope we will get loose ends tied up.  Right now, the main storyline is playing out very slowly, with maybe the confrontation between Dougie Cooper and Evil Cooper being the deciding factor, because it doesn’t seem like Dougie Cooper is able to snap out of his weird abnormal state by himself.  

Dougie Cooper is given a lift to work and he still isn’t able to do much by himself.  His extra sensory powers we learned about when he became Mr. Jackpots also seem to help him out reading other people, so maybe that will come into play later somehow.  There are some clues that Agent Cooper is somewhere in Dougie, like when he wants coffee, but he’s still not even close to being normal.  The funniest bit is the part where Dougie takes his co-worker’s coffee and his pal is stuck with a Green Tea Latte.  

In the second part of the episode, we get more time with Evil Coop, who is still stuck in prison.  I don’t know if he’s aware of what happened with Dougie, but his plan to stay out of the lodge seems to be working, and he shows some strange powers while he makes a phone call, taunting the prison warden with his abilities.  It’s pretty strange.  I’m not sure what Evil Coop is going to do next but he’s might start recruiting other people to help him, like Phillip Jefferies or corrupt law enforcement.  I think the phone call scene is symbolism and meant to represent Evil Coop’s position of power, even as he sits in prison.  A lot of what David Lynch puts in this series is like that, I think.

Overall, this is a pretty decent episode, with a lot of little things you might miss if you blink too hard.  Something’s going to happen with Hawk and the Twin Peak’s police when they find out Agent Cooper’s room key has been returned, plus I think we’ll get more developments with Dougie and his life, which seems to be falling apart because he can’t do anything for himself.