Analogy Time: We Lived Above a Convenience Store

Ok so even if you’re not watching (or have never watched) Twin Peaks, you can appreciate this analogy.  One of the characters named Mike explained to Cooper once that he and Bob lived above a convenience store.  These two guys are spirits or entities who have superior powers as compared to humans, but they loved Earth back in the day.   They loved it so much they raped and pillaged all they could get for years, until Mike decided he had enough and cut off his own arm to symbolize his new awakening, devoting his life to fight evil, represented by Bob.  

So for a long time, I’ve always thought of that explanation as an analogy.  Mike is comparing a Convenience Store to the planet Earth, which is why he used that example.  It provided a lot of good times for two of them, Bob and Mike.  It’s a fairly straightforward analogy.

However, in season 3, episode 8, David Lynch provided us with even more to think about (imagine that), when the shadowy woodsman were walking around a (literal) Convenience Store, like they owned the joint.  Don’t get confused just because it’s literal and the building says “Convenience Store” on the front, as this is the same analogy.  Except this time, I think the shadowy “woodsman” are wandering around outside and that probably means they’re bound to Earth.  They’re basically not spirits like Bob and Mike who live in another dimension “above” the convenience store aka Earth.  No, they’re “spirits” in that they’re the embodiment of “evil”, but they’re from Earth.  

Maybe it’s easier to grasp what David Lynch is trying to tell us by seeing the whole story, but I don’t think anybody has that advantage, so we’ll have to stick to guessing and grasping at straws.