Twin Peaks: Part 9 – Fruitcake, Anyone?

Ok, so I was on board with a surrealist interpretation of the birth of evil, but I was lulled into a false sense of normalcy when it came time to watch Episode 9 of Twin Peaks, because I think there’s even less I understand about what happened this week.  I’m actually longing for a guy barfing up evil eggs at this point.  No actually, some people might be relieved to be back to the main storyline running through Twin Peaks, right? The story actually advances a great deal in episode 9, for whatever that’s worth, but I think you better start taking notes at this point.  I could probably guess at what’s happening, which is the point of a blog like this, but David Lynch is going to make us work this time around, I can see that.

Ok, I get that Evil Cooper is alive thanks to his pure evil woodsmen buddies, and he’s got an entourage of like-minded killers helping him out.  I get that.  I’m not that dense.  But David Lynch is tying together a lot of different things in this episode, and you better have a pretty good memory to recall all the dumb little anecdotal scenes from the past nine episodes, because they’re all at play here.  The killings from episode 2, the Dougie stuff, the FBI investigation—all of it is touched on.

Overall, this was a transition episode that tugs at your memory and sorta moves the plot forward, but it’s oddly disappointing compared to surrealist David Lynch unleashed.  There are a LOT of scenes in this episode.  Most of them are short and to the point, but getting all the info out of this jam-packed episode feels like a lot of work.  Since I’m pretty lazy, episode 9 boils down to the fact that the police (and FBI) are catching on to what is happening and that Major Briggs plays a bigger role in the story of The Lodge.  It’ll be interesting to see how.

I’ll start a Twin Peaks confusing plot points list:

  1. Evil Cooper walks to a farm, where his pals have killed everybody and set up shop for their next move.  He meets up with his pals, including Chantel, who last appeared in episode 2. Ok, straightforward.  Thank you Lynch.
  2. Gordon takes a call from the Prison and learns that Evil Cooper escaped. The escape was in episode 7.  Ok I get that.  That wasn’t so hard, was it?
  3. Evil Cooper calls the guy in the office building who we remember from Episode 2.  His name is Duncan Todd and we learn he’s working for Evil Cooper, so all his vague references to an evil boss were references to Evil Cooper.  Cooper reminds him that “it” needs to be done, which is probably a reference to killing Dougie.  Ok so I sorta get this, because Todd was the one who hired Ike the Spike to begin with in episode six.  I’m smart.
  4. Duncan Todd references “Roger” and calls him to his office.  This is also a reference to Episode 2, where we see Roger working for Duncan Todd.  I’m not smart enough to guess why Todd would want to talk to Roger in Episode 9, but I’m guessing they’re going to try killing Dougie again, right?  Okay, not that confusing I guess.
  5. Dougie and Janey are in the Las Vegas Police Department, waiting as the police question Dougie’s boss Bushnell Mullins.  The police are way behind everybody else.  The police figure out that Dougie didn’t exist before 1997.  Well, no kidding.
  6. Ike the Spike is arrested.  Easy one to understand.  Next.
  7. Johnny Horne tries to escape his confinement and smacks his own head into a wall.   Don’t get it.  Johnny is the mentally challenged son of Benjamin Horne, the guy who owns the Hotel.  Johnny last appeared in season 2.  What does this have to do with anything?
  8. Hawk, Detective Truman and Bobby question Major Briggs’ wife.  This scene is probably the most confusing of them all.  She gives Bobby a secret message The Major had stashed away for 25 years in some sort of weird cylinder.  When they finally open it, the message has a bunch of cryptic crap on it.  They plan to follow the clues in the message to the forest or something.  It’s foreshadowing, folks.  
  9. Gordon, Albert and Tammy question William Hastings.  No clue here.  Looks like Hastings has accidentally been mixed up in the discovery of The Lodge by Major Briggs.  I think.
  10. Diane gets a text message from Evil Cooper.  Ok so how does this work?  Diane is in league with Evil Cooper now?  That doesn’t even make sense.  Is she intercepting Cooper’s text to Duncan Todd?  Is that Evil Cooper’s phone?  Or her phone?  Ok this is hurting my head.
  11. Jerry Horne is still lost in the woods and fights with his own foot.  Don’t get it.  Best guess on this is that he’s had a close encounter with The Lodge.
  12. Benjamin Horne and Beverly investigate the mysterious hum in the Hotel.  What is it?  I don’t get it.  Is this a clue?
  13. Ella and some other woman named Chloe talk about something I didn’t understand.  Whatever.