How Kyle Maclachlan plays two characters: Twin Peaks ep 10

I think episode 10 of Twin Peaks shows the calm before the storm, and Kyle Maclachlan makes an amazing impact playing a mute man.  Maclachlan is playing two roles in the new Twin Peaks, one is a murdering psychopath and the other is a simpleton called Dougie, which is putting it nicely.  Episode 10 shows us Dougie in paradise.

Dougie is really endearing.  I think it’s something in his eyes, which betrays his calm and absent-minded exterior.  Episode 10 had some high emotion from Dougie, so to speak, and he seemed to be in a sort of paradise, spending time with his wife.  I can’t imagine how his life will unravel in the final episodes, because the game seems to be stacking against him, and it might really be tense at the end as he faces off against one or more of the villains in this series.

The thing about the scene with Naomi Watts, is that I think I can see Maclachlan’s whole take on the Dougie character.  It is a paradise for him, which is a sad state, because he’s not really Dougie.  He’s Dale Cooler, agent with the FBI.  He can’t express that.  He might not understand his true situation, but I can tell that paradise does not really sit well with him.  He smiles, but it eventually fades.  He seems unable or incapable of breaking out.

I encourage you to find Kyle Maclachlin’s recent interview on Youtube about Twin Peaks.  This interview had him answering viewer questions about the show.  He seems genuine with his answers and he comes off as a nice guy.  This is part of his characters too, and it makes me curious how he prepared himself for playing a real villain like the evil version of Dale Cooper.  The Evil Cooper really is a good character, and I think retains that subtle calm that Dougie possesses, but he’s just so damn evil that his acts seem way more violent in comparison.

Which brings me to the villains of this series, and in episode 10.  All of them have great actors and all of them are so good in this episode.  Eamon Farren plays Richard Horne in this series and he cleans up the town to cover up his murder of a young boy, which is some wacked up villainy, let me tell you.  Richard throws his own Grandma to the ground, how messed up is that.  

Overall, episode 10 was good.  The villains gained a lot of momentum in this episode and I think there’s going to be a lot of consequences.  They’re all just so damn angry.  The insurance guys want to kill Cooper and the evil version of Cooper will stop at nothing to get what he wants, which is probably the coordinates to the White Lodge.  You can imagine why.  I can believe how good the build-up is for the payoff to this series, and probably nothing short of a David Lynch Eraserhead miracle will meet my expectations, so that’s kinda disappointing.  But for now, I’ll just look forward to episode 11.