Martin Landau and George Romero pass away #holycrap

Wow, Martin Landau and George Romero pass away over the weekend.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand why Landau never received that top billing, but I guess if you have to be a character actor, there’s nobody better than Martin Landau.  The guy is amazing and he had more than one comeback as I recall, on the X-Files, in great movies like Ed Wood and Tucker: A Man and his Dream.  

George Romero was an amazing director and he made some of my favorite horror movies.  I was waiting for that final masterpiece and it’s sad we’ll never get it.  The modern zombie is about as popular a thing as it gets, and that’s all thanks to George Romero.  I mean, pretty much.  In America, at least.  When people think horror pioneer, they think of this guy.