Blade Runner 2049 trailer #2 reveals spoilers

Blade Runner 2049’s second trailer seems to be telegraphing the twist, as if trying to yank us into the theater with an interesting concept.  

Ok, everybody who loves Blade Runner is going to see it and fans of sci-fi will probably give it a whirl too, but it seems as heavy as Ghost in the Shell and Alien: Covenant.  It seems to want to be picturesque and metaphorical at the same time, which might not reach the masses.  

Ryan Gosling made hundreds of millions of dollars with a romance chick flick called La La Land, but is he a sci-fi sure thing?  I’m not so sure.  He looks alright in the role, I guess.  Also, Jerad Leto once again seems miscast, this time playing an arrogant scientist, and he seems too young to speak like he knows everything.  

The second trailer sorta telegraphs the plot and the twist.  It looks like a chase movie, as Gosling finds Deckard and realizes a “secret” about humanity and replicants (hint hint), then goes on the run from everybody.  He’s joined by a replicant played by Ana de Armas, obviously.  And this huge “revelation” is sorta telegraphed by Leto’s character, as he laments Gosling’s knowledge of the “secret”.  He is a businessman, after all.  

Presumably, Leto plays the top dog at the Tyrell Corporation, the corporation who makes replicants.  This reveals his motivation:

“We build angels here. But I can only make so many.”

This implies that someone else can now create replicants.  That’s right, it’s possible for humans to procreate with replicants and “create” their own.  This knowledge might lead to the war spoke about by Deckard’s Captain in the trailer, so it’s tough to read what Gosling’s character will do, beyond escape death, obiviously. It may be implied that Gosling’s character is the result of a replicant/human copling, and may be Deckard’s son, so it may be that he’s the replicant messiah.  I guess I don’t need to see the movie now.  Thanks trailer.