31 Days of Halloween…zombies?

Yes I’ll be doing another 31 days of Halloween movie reviews, and I’ve been toying with the idea of watching 31 zombie movies.  Could be fun.  Could be annoying as hell.  And yes, I can think of 31 zombie movies, with a few extra to spare, if you can believe that.

This could be my tribute to George Romero.  I’m also thinking that this could be overkill, and because Halloween is my favorite season, I’d like to make movie review time more than a zombie rerun over and over.  Honestly, I think this train of Halloween reviews should also have a theme.  That would be pretty interesting, I think.  Old time Halloween movies?  Maybe a battle of the Halloween subgenres?  Halloween indi-festival?  Not sure.

Anyway, still thinking.  Looking forward to it.