Twin Peaks episode 11 practices reverse psycho-dreamology

Once upon a time, Cooper loved cherry pie, then he forgot he loved cherry pie, so some wise spirits who live above a Convenience Store reminded him he loved cherry pie, thereby saving him from getting his head blown off by two gangsters.  The end.  That’s episode 11 of Twin Peaks, and it was awesome.  The story continued along at a good pace, and Jim Belushi delivered some laughs.  It was a well-balanced episode, for my tastes, which is as close I get to a cherry pie pun.

Episode numero 11 is another one with multiple threads, but I think I can see all of them converging pretty soon.  The FBI investigation into some mysterious coordinates seems ready to converge with Hawk and Truman’s discovery of a mysterious black location marked by Major Briggs.  Hawk explains that the location is symbolized by black fire and he uses some other mumbo jumbo instead of just telling us its evil.  Yep, pure evil.  Black means bad.  Go figure.


As the FBI plot moves forward, we get more with Dougie Cooper, which is the better part of this episode in my opinion.  Jim Belushi is especially a highlight.  Belushi’s gangster character explains that he had a dream and in that dream, there was a cherry pie in a box, so when Dougie gives him a cherry pie in a box at their meeting in the middle of the desert, that act proves he’s their pal.   So they all go out for Italian to celebrate.  Makes sense.  Hilarious stuff.  

There’s a lot of in-jokes in the Dougie scene, and the episode is sorta poking fun at Twin Peaks, but the whole thing turns expectations upside down.  I actually haven’t been able to predict one thing correctly so far, which is actually kinda nice.  When things do happen that are emotional or interesting, most of them are worthwhile and draw you into the series.  

This episode’s payoff is awesome, and the whole episode reminds you that we took the long way around to get there, so it can be humorous and strange.  I should note that the reason the gangsters wanted to kill Dougie to begin with is because the Lodge spirits told him they were crooked.  Or at least had a crooked insurance agent.  Or something.  So their insurance claim was not a scam after all?  Why was Dougie so against the insurance agent then?  Dougie’s boss asks the same question and explains that the shots are being called by somebody else.  Who?  Take a guess.

Overall, this was another great episode, highlighted by Jim Belushi, Kyle MacLachlan’s performance, and CHERRY PIE.  Yes folks, the most amusing thing about this episode was the appearance of some pie.  You can see how the whole episode comes around full circle, and kicks Dougie out front of some evil intentions, so he can avoid death and injury altogether.  Thanks to a dream about some pie.