My top 10 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Predictions

This isn’t really spoilers, but if you don’t like guessing or talking about what might happen in the biggest movie this year, don’t click this and read every last word (yep, reverse psychology).  So the obvious guess is that The Last Jedi will mimic the plot of The Empire Strikes back in the same way The Force Awakens copied the original Star Wars, and I think that’s pretty much what’s going to happen, only with a few original scenes and action sequences thrown in to make you believe you’re not seeing the same movie all over again.

10.  Luke Rejects Rey – I think the opening to The Last Jedi is Luke taking the lightsaber from Rey and handing it back, as some rumors have predicted.  That’s pretty much it.  Luke walks off or something, leaving Rey standing there.  She rushes forward and is looking over the rocks at him as she is in the trailer.

9.  The Invasion ™ – As in The Empire Strikes Back, The First Order are going to invade D’Qar, complete with a new version of the Empire’s walkers.  We see this in the trailers as the Resistance fighters kick up red dust ready to repel the invasion. 

8.  Finn – At some point, Finn wakes up from his coma and wants nothing more to do with the Resistance.  I think he meets Rose at this point, and the two hit it off.  She is awe-inspired by him and he tries to impress her, saying he’s part of the Resistance, so he’s back in the fight with a little funny dialogue. 

7.  Poe breaks through – I think Poe will bomb some huge First Order ships to help the Resistance get away, but after he gets back to base, the First Order counter-attack will destroy his X-Wing.  Too bad.  The Resistance jump away and are separated.  This is where Laura Dern takes over part of the Resistance.  Leia is still leading the other, a smaller group.

6.  The Secret Mission – Poe, Finn, Leia and Rose go on a secret mission to get information from Maz, possibly to find Rey or to recruit someone new that could help the Resistance.  Either way, I think they have to infiltrate a First Order ship or escape one because they’ve been captured.  This is the part where Finn and Phasma battle.

5.  Rey’s Loss – I think there’s some short Luke/Rey scenes in-between the action of the main plot.  Rey’s frustration is obvious by this point and I think she talks to Chewy because he’s there with her on the Falcon.  Maybe she tries to save some innocent creatures (porgs) and Luke tracks her to the Falcon, having seen her save the porgs.  He lets her stay a little while, telling her about some of the history of the Jedi Tree and Kylo’s fall.  

4.  The Vision – I think an important turning point will be when Rey has a vision about Snoke and she either has a final argument with Luke or leaves on her own with Chewy on the Falcon.  I think her character arc will closely follow what happened to Luke in Empire Strikes Back, in that she will go to confront Kylo or Snoke or both like Luke impulsively went to confront Vader.

3.  Crait – So Leia’s group completed their mission, Laura Dern’s forces are on Crait, and this is probably where the two Resistance teams meet up again, possibly as Laura Dern’s forces are getting attacked and Poe is trying to hold them off.    

2.  Confrontation – Rey will probably confront Kylo about what Luke said and she’ll try to help him, but I think he’ll double cross her and bring her before Snoke, as Vader did with Luke.  This is where Kylo tries to be her buddy, as in the trailer.  But he’s only being nice to bring her to Snoke. It might be she doesn’t care at this point because she’s totally depressed over what happened with Luke.  Then we’ll finally get the Snoke reveal and Rey’s useless attack.  Kylo can’t watch Snoke torture Rey and volunteers to finish her off, but lets her get away or something.

  1.  Luke Returns – As everything crumbles around the Resistance, this is where Snoke tells Kylo to finish off the First Order or he’s had it.  Kylo leads the final attack.  Does Leia die?  This is probably a critical point.  I’d say no.  In the end, Luke returns to save the day and destroys all the First Order forces using only the Force, like the wave of his hand or whatever.  I think that’d be the perfect ending.