First Time Directors Direct Body 2015

This independent, small-budget, micro-movie is about three girls who get bored on Christmas Eve.  This movie is so small that it flies under every radar out there, but it tries to spew out something respectable with a shoestring budget.  It takes place in an upscale mansion and has a young cast with little to no experience that I could find.  The lead girl Holly is played by Helen Rogers, who is credited for her writing and a few other small acting roles.  Together, these three girls are led into trouble by their friend Kally, played by Alexandra Turshen, and the situation they’re in slowly gets worse and worse.

The girls get bored on Christmas Eve and Kally takes them to her Uncle’s house to keep partying.  It turns out Kally’s Uncle is not really her Uncle, but just a rich guy she used to babysit for and the three girls have effectively broken into their house.  That’s the premise of the movie.  Then one horrirble thing drives the reset of the movie.  The groundskeeper surprises them and he falls down a flight of stairs, breaking his neck.  The girls angst between themselves as they decide to cover up the “accident” or call the police, but the guy turns out to be alive, so they have to decide what to do.  

The pace of this movie is obviously its biggest weakness.  It’s is a dialogue-heavy movie and it relies on the play between the three girls, who go through a series of scenes as they try to decide what to do.  It’s a simple formula.  It saves the film a lot of money.  The three girls do an excellent job with the script and the dialogue is fine, I guess.

The first time directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen organize the movie in a traditional fashion, and the tension comes from the dialogue and the action, not the camera.  There isn’t really a score, so it doesn’t really feel like a traditional horror movie, and I wouldn’t really call it a horror movie anyway because there’s like one kill.  Instead, I’d say it was a suspense thriller or something, with a shady underbelly.  There’s no glamour shots or representative “style” as in more big time movies, so the camera really doesn’t support any artsy take.  I can’t say I remember any remarkable shots, except at the beginning when the point of view shots seemed well done.  Of course, that made me think it was going to be a slasher movie, but it’s far from that.

Overall, Body (2015) is an average movie.  The cast does a good job with the script and the moral dilemma, but the plot has very little beyond the simple premise.  There’s one side development but that’s it.  The movie starts repeating itself because the plot doesn’t diverge from the original premise and it’s only 75 minutes long.  75 frigging minutes guys.  Can’t you tell from this review?  Even my review is repeating itself.  The girls argue about covering up their horrible mistake and then Kally tries to take matters into her own hands, so the friends end up fighting.  That’s about all the plot developments we get.  It’s pretty superficial.  There’s no art or style or much else.  Sorry.  It makes me wonder what I’d rather do, make a movie with very little to no money and have no room for anything creative, OR don’t make a movie.  I guess I’d make a movie but that doesn’t mean it’s any good.