Barbara Crampton goes vampire

Barbara Crampton takes a bite out of her new role in Jakob’s Wife (2021). This is a brand new indie film soon to be released starring Barbara Crampton, and the trailer dropped recently to give us a taste of what’s to come. Ok enough vampire wordplay. Crampton plays Anne, a pastor’s wife, who’s bored out of her mind, so she rekindles an old romance and discovers she likes being a vampire. That’s basically the premise.

Early reviews are not so good for this blood-filled outing. Most of the reviews I’ve read say the movie doesn’t go far enough with its premise, mostly because I think the expectation is for more social commentary, perhaps on marriage or the deteriorating middle class or something. The trailer plays like a horror comedy and sometimes that sub-genre can be tricky, since they’re not playing it like Scary Movie or something spoofy like that. They’re trying to mix a serious tone with their comedy schlock and I hope it’s better than the reviews are saying.

Overall, I’m looking forward to Jakob’s Wife. Crampton doubles as star and producer for this movie, so she must have been invested in the story and production. You can watch this one on Vudu and Amazon Prime video on April 16 and I think I’d only be disappointed if it completely abandoned any commentary in favor of slapstick or something dumb like that, because I know Crampton still does some good work. The last Barbara Crampton movie I saw was We Are Still Here way back in 2015 but that wasn’t a straight horror flick like Re-Animator or something, but she still has a good performance. Hopefully, Jakob’s Wife continues that trend.