Hello! I am Steve aka Falcon on the internet.  My blog features movie reviews, TV reviews, and discussion of the day.

I have divided these things into categories you can find along the top menu bar.  Have a click and browse through full reviews of some classic and not-so-classic movies.

The movies you can find here are classic movies, horror films, independent films, and more.  I like older films and underrated gems from a lot of different eras. It is fun to look back at bad movies to see what the problems were and take a closer look at other movies that are underrated.

The not-so-classic movies are often featured on “Svengoolie”, a television program I watch.  This show is much like “Mystery Science Theatre 3000, which ran for a good length of time on cable many years ago.  Svengoolie shows low budget movies, often Universal or Hammer horror films, that have been panned by the general media.  However, some have redeeming qualities and rare classics can sometimes be featured on the show.

Please have fun browsing the posts.  Thank you!