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My top 10 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Predictions

This isn’t really spoilers, but if you don’t like guessing or talking about what might happen in the biggest movie this year, don’t click this and read every last word (yep, reverse psychology). … Continue reading

Who will SURVIVE the 31 Days of Halloween 2017 Marathon?

This year’s theme for the Halloween movie marathon is the burning question every slasher fan asks: who survives?  Or any riff on that question.  How do they survive? Which person survives? Do you… Continue reading

Ambiguity of the Movies: Kubrick, David Lynch, and Christopher Nolan #twinpeaks #movies #tv

I’ve been thinking about Twin Peaks for a bit now, letting the ambiguity of it all wash over me, and it reminds me of some other ambiguity and its purpose.  I say this… Continue reading

X-Files Season 11 Filming – Truth is, Skinner is back with the Beard!

It’s now official, The X-Files season 11 is filming and Skinner sports a beard.  Again.  David Duchovny has his own trailer.  Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose are returning as their young FBI agent… Continue reading

Is Tobin Bell in Saw 8? Hey look, spoilers

MovieWeb published some news back on July 23 about Saw 8 aka Saw: Legacy aka the next Saw movie to grab your money, and I’m just catching up now.  Apparently, Tobin Bell has… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween…zombies?

Yes I’ll be doing another 31 days of Halloween movie reviews, and I’ve been toying with the idea of watching 31 zombie movies.  Could be fun.  Could be annoying as hell.  And yes,… Continue reading

Martin Landau and George Romero pass away #holycrap

Wow, Martin Landau and George Romero pass away over the weekend.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand why Landau never received that top billing, but I guess if you have to be a… Continue reading

Top Ten Questions From Prometheus and Why Covenant has to Rock

I’ll tell you what, Alien Covenant better rock or my whole month is going in the crapper.  From the trailer, it looks like it’s the anti-Prometheus film, with you know, actual aliens in… Continue reading

The Force Awakens…Backlash?

Have you noticed the recent backlash against Star Wars: The Force Awakens?  I hear comments online from time to time how this wasn’t such a good movie, and there’s a few critics that… Continue reading

Daily Rumor: Labyrinth is scheduled to return

A new movie based on the 80s cult hit Labyrinth is now on the docket to be directed by Fede Alvarez.  Alvarez is the guy who brought us the blood-soaked Evil Dead remake… Continue reading

Why are some movies free? An Analysis (sic)

Ok, so if you’re not a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriber, then you’re stuck with the free movies from, Hulu, Cracklecrap, and/or other legal sites in the USA or globally, which usually… Continue reading

What does the Blade Runner 2049 trailer tell us?

The Blade Runner 2049 trailer was tacked on to Kong Skull  Island and there’s been a lot of talk recently about what this teaser is hinting at.   Ryan Reynolds and Harrison Ford… Continue reading

March movies 2017 #boxoffice #movies

Could March 2017 be a record breaker at the box office?  I think it has a good chance of beating the March record, at least.  There are a number of blockbusters coming out… Continue reading

Who is the Better Cowboy? John Wayne? Clint?

There’s been some debate recently about who the best movie cowboy is.  When I was talking to a friend of mine, there was no doubt in her mind that the most memorable (and… Continue reading

Top 10 Movies People Love to Hate

These movies are polarizing, and people love to hate them.  Fact is, people are going to have different opinions on whether they like a movie or not, but I think these ten movies… Continue reading

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