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The Last Drive In Goes On Demand

Shudder celebrates Joe Bob’s horror movie marathon by putting the whole list on demand on their channel,  This is great news!  I missed a few because I actually have to sleep, now… Continue reading

How did Joe Bob crash Shudder and blow up the internet?

Apparently a lot of people tried to stream the 24 hour horror marathon and crashed Shudder, the subscription service where Joe Bob is hosting his horror marathon.  I can’t watch horror movies unfortunately… Continue reading

Great Debate: Is 2010 a good movie? #2001 #spaceodyssey #movies

2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984) was on TCM the other day, and it got me thinking about my opinion and what Roger Ebert said about this movie.  I’m not sure how… Continue reading

5th Annual 31 Days of Halloween Movie Marathon Announced

It’s time once again to announce the 31 Days of Halloween Movie Marathon, where I post 31 horror movie reviews, in order to kill myself for the love of movies.  This year we’re… Continue reading

Top 10 Things (Not) Needed in the New 2018 Halloween Movie

John Carpenter’s Halloween gets remade/rebooted (again) this October and there’s plenty of things I don’t need in this new version.  The 1978 Halloween has some the most unnecessary sequels of any franchise ever,… Continue reading

Daniel Craig returning for Bond 25

Daniel Craig returns to the Bond franchise and will begin shooting Bond 25 in December 2018 for a 2019 release.  All the top studios have vied for release rights after the end of… Continue reading

Do you search for interesting new releases?

Ok so if you’re not into Superhero Movies, I’m guessing you’re looking for something to see at the movie theater.  Or if you remember finding things like It Follows, you’re really into those… Continue reading

The music of Glory (1989)

The music of the motion picture Glory (1989) is a masterpiece, and is one of James Horner’s best scores.  I think this score is more closely tied to the movie than some others… Continue reading

Wrestlemania 34 Review – Who’s this kid? Why are we watching Ronda Rousey?

Honestly, I don’t watch a lot of wrestling but when I do, I expect entertainment.  That’s pretty much what wrestling is now, because everyone knows it’s fake.  The thing is, World Wrestling Entertainment… Continue reading

80s Festival Announced – Top 10 80s movies?

I was a kid in the 80s but movies from this time period hold a special feeling of nostalgia for me.  One of the first serious movies I saw as a kid was… Continue reading

Why am I 100% right all the time?

I was pretty spot on with my Last Jedi predictions, I gotta admit.  Is that because I’m so good or because the movie is so predictable?  Here’s what I said in my original… Continue reading

My top 10 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Predictions

This isn’t really spoilers, but if you don’t like guessing or talking about what might happen in the biggest movie this year, don’t click this and read every last word (yep, reverse psychology). … Continue reading

Who will SURVIVE the 31 Days of Halloween 2017 Marathon?

This year’s theme for the Halloween movie marathon is the burning question every slasher fan asks: who survives?  Or any riff on that question.  How do they survive? Which person survives? Do you… Continue reading

Ambiguity of the Movies: Kubrick, David Lynch, and Christopher Nolan #twinpeaks #movies #tv

I’ve been thinking about Twin Peaks for a bit now, letting the ambiguity of it all wash over me, and it reminds me of some other ambiguity and its purpose.  I say this… Continue reading

X-Files Season 11 Filming – Truth is, Skinner is back with the Beard!

It’s now official, The X-Files season 11 is filming and Skinner sports a beard.  Again.  David Duchovny has his own trailer.  Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose are returning as their young FBI agent… Continue reading

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