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Walking Dead Prequel a Go?

TVLine had some reports that a Walking Dead spin-off series may soon be a go and that it may be a prequel.  Yes, it’s true, a dreaded prequel.  A story about the zombie… Continue reading

Why Was Star Wars So Popular in 1977?

Beginnings of a Cultural Phenomena I was reading about the phenomenal success of Star Wars and the savvy marketing done to give the film a  legacy still felt today.  Somehow, the movie became… Continue reading

Star Wars December 2015 competition

Star Wars is going to be released December 2015, an obvious bit of news everyone has heard, but what other movies are coming out in December.  Apparently it was announced that Mission Impossible… Continue reading

What is Christopher Lee doing these days?

Christopher Lee, star of some of my favorite Hammer horror movies, is still going strong at age 91.   I’m glad he is still trying to be active.   Reportedly, he was very… Continue reading

Most Famous Statuette Ever Up For Auction Nov 25

Bonhams of New York to have rare movie memorabilia auction Dreams Are Made Of: A Century of Movie Magic at Auction as Curated by Turner Classic Movies When – Nov 25 13:00 EST… Continue reading

Holiday Season Movies Coming Out today had an interesting article on the movies coming out over the holiday season, which begins the first week of November.  We are going to get some big movies this December, dominated… Continue reading

Quicksilver cast for Avengers: Age of Ultron

Reports are that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been officially cast as the mutant Quicksilver in the upcoming Avengers sequel.  I’ve actually not familiar with this guy, but he has a respectable resume, having starred… Continue reading

Who is REAL the competition for Thor: The Dark World?

We all know Thor: The Dark World is opening Nov 8, but it is interesting that Ender’s Game will be the only competition for it opening weekend.  I’ve not heard anything bad about Ender’s Game, but I’m guessing… Continue reading

Why are zombies so popular?

Why are zombies so popular?  The Walking Dead, a well-received comic book, now a successful television program, was watched by 16.1 million people last week.  Holy cow.  That was a record for cable… Continue reading

Star Trek 3 helmed by Joe Cornish?

Just a brief note about a possible Star Trek 3 director published in Variety on November 2.   Joe Cornish has been named as the possible favorite to direct Star Trek 3 in the wake of… Continue reading

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