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Great Debate: Is there a Star Wars contraversy?

I’m not sure who stared this “thing”, but Vanity Fair and other “news” organizations are now passing around a Star Wars Backlash story to see if anyone will click on it.  This is… Continue reading

Why am I 100% right all the time?

I was pretty spot on with my Last Jedi predictions, I gotta admit.  Is that because I’m so good or because the movie is so predictable?  Here’s what I said in my original… Continue reading

What’s in the box? What’s in the envelope? Leaps of logic and assumptions in movies

Okay, so you’ve come to a critical part in the movie you’re watching, and you as a viewer have got to make a leap of deduction in order to understand what’s going, which… Continue reading

The Biggest Terminator Plot Hole of All Time

Okay, so the original Terminator movie from 1984 is awesome, but what about the plot holes?  Do the plot holes ruin the movie for you?  Not me, but they do make my brain… Continue reading

Great Debate: Why is it cool to hate the prequels?

The hate for the Star Wars prequels is just coming out of the woodwork this week.  I think because the new movie is due out very soon, everyone is just bananas about everything… Continue reading

Great Debate: The Batman v Superman Trailer sucks

I really don’t think Warner Brothers will EVER get it through their thick skull what comic book fans want to see in a comic book movie.  It seems as if the studio is just… Continue reading

Great Debate: Do I have to throw out my Dukes of Hazzard cars?

The only thing I have with the Confederate flag on it is a set of Dukes of Hazzard cars, which was the most recognizable Dodge Charger in the world at one point.  I’m… Continue reading

Great Debate: Is Alien 3 that bad?

Years later, I look back on Alien 3 with a lot more respect than I used to.  It was panned all over the place when it first got released and nowadays, a LOT… Continue reading

Great Debate #11: Room 237 reveals The Shining’s secrets

In an effort to “explain things”, the documentary Room 237 starts a dialogue about The Shining by Stanley Kubrick, uncovering the many hidden themes and allegories buried within the visuals.  This film was created… Continue reading

Great Debate #9: Top Ten Sequels? A crap list?

People really hate bad sequels and they really hate bad sequels to good movies even more.  The original usually is the best offering and the hated sequel is usually a retread or poorly received.… Continue reading

Great Debate #8: What are the best MacGuffins?

Great Debate Number Eight has reminded me of some great (and bad) plot devices in film history.  Some of these MacGuffins are famous, like the illuminated “briefcase” in Pulp Fiction, but others have… Continue reading

Great Debate #7: The Omen is one of the worst of all-time

I just discovered this today, but movie critics Medved and Dreyfuss featured The Omen on their worst movies of all-time list, and I was surprised, realizing that some critics are about as stupid… Continue reading

Great Debate #6 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake in 2003 is good

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake in 2003 is a by-the-numbers horror movie starring Jessica Biel and Jessica Biel’s stomach that had and still has a huge number of fans.  Why?  Why is this?… Continue reading

Great Debate #5: What are the scariest movies ever?

This is my list of the scariest movies of all-time.  What is a scary movie?  In my opinion, its is a film that produces a change in attitude, in such that the viewer… Continue reading

Great Debate #4: Do Spoilers Ruin Your Movie Experience?

Today, computers and other technologies try their best to spoil movies, or get the scoop on the latest details, so they can recount every last, little thing to the reader.  Many of these… Continue reading

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