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The Walking Dead Ratings Crash and Burn

Unfortunately, the season six opener didn’t draw in the big numbers this year, although I thought it was a pretty darn good episode.  It didn’t matter.  I’m not sure where the viewers went,… Continue reading

The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale tops last season

The ratings are out and they show that The Walking Dead season 5 is pretty much a success.  Except for a couple of bumps when the show veered off into incomprehensible-land, it has… Continue reading

Amazing Rise in Ratings for Walking Dead & 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys and The Walking Dead are polar opposites in terms of ratings and success, but both are on the rise.  The next announcement I hope I read is the renewal of 12… Continue reading

The Walking Dead and 12 Monkeys Season Ratings

The Walking Dead is a genre show you’d think would have trouble succeeding, but it has elements of survivalist shows and the action genre which make it very appealing.  The pace is often very fast,… Continue reading

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