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Red Sparrow (2018) – The Cold War Never Ended

Red Sparrow (2018) succeeds in making me uncomfortable, but it fails to develop its main character, and it has a standard, by-the-numbers plot.  This movie stars Jennifer Lawrence as Dominika (sp?) Domikia? Whatever. … Continue reading

Trailer for Searching

I just watched the trailer for Searching, out in August, and I’m impressed.  The movie stars John Cho and the premise is that he’s searching for his lost daughter, while trying to discover… Continue reading

Eye in the Sky (2015) – Have you seen this one?

Eye in the Sky (2015) is an Amazon Prime/Netflix special and it has some melodramatic, tear jerking scenes nobody can dislike.  This movie is about drone operations and their mission to assassinate some… Continue reading

I watched a Hitchcock movie and a choral piece broke out

Hitchcock went the whole nine yards when he made The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), recruiting Jimmy Stewart, Doris Day, and Bernard Bermann, the composer and conductor.  The movie stars Jimmy Stewart… Continue reading

Celebrating Christopher Lee – Scream and Scream Again (1970)

With this post, I celebrate the great Christopher Lee with a crappy 1970s movie, which might seem disrespectful, but you’d be wrong!  In fact, I was anticipating this movie a great deal, seeing… Continue reading

I knew The Punisher (2004) was bad and watched it anyway

I knew from some reviews on the internet that The Punisher (2004) starring Thomas Jane was terrible, but largely tried to look for something positive in this awful movie, like I usually do… Continue reading

The music of The Firm (1993)

I really only watch this movie for the music of Dave Grusin, whose piano, rhythm and blues are one of the best scores ever done.  When director Sydney Pollack was hiring composers, I… Continue reading

Remember when Clint Eastwood was edgy?

Tightrope (1984) was so edgy and sexual that it made me uncomfortable.  This is not the kind of movie I expected from Clint Eastwood, and he pushed the envelope at every opportunity, but… Continue reading

Death Wish (1974) inspires primal rage and fear

Death Wish (1974) is not fun, and it’s not an action movie, but it makes you question just what effect crime has on the psyche.  Charles Bronson plays Paul Kersey, and he demonstrates… Continue reading

The masterpiece of The Third Man (1949) (yes, there’s allegory)

Before there was film noir, there was The Third Man (1949).  Before there were shadowy thrillers as common as dirt, there was The Third Man.  Before the abstract, the twist ending, and the… Continue reading

Brad Pitt and the Most Convenient Plot Ever

Seven (1995) is a dark, dreary thriller from David Fincher, the man who has spent his entire career trying to make the most depressing movies ever.  Seven is a good film, but it… Continue reading

Robert Redford plays the Spy Game (2001)

Spy Game (2001) is an espionage thriller starring Robert Redford, with Brad Pitt in a glorified cameo.  The biggest problem with this movie isn’t the dialogue or the drama, but it isn’t a… Continue reading

Did Rounders glamorize poker and gambling?

Rounders (1998) is a very popular Poker movie, and stars Matt Damon as a down-on-your-luck go-getter, who gambles thousands of dollars instead of going to law school.  If I did that, I’d probably… Continue reading

Gene Hackman solves The French Connection

The French Connection is rightfully known as an Oscar-winning thriller, a movie where Gene Hackman stomps a new mudhole in some prissy French guys who try to sell drugs in his city.  This… Continue reading

Francis Ford Coppola, Harrison Ford, and Gene Hackman have a conversation

Although Gene Hackman’s character is a man in the surveillance business, The Conversation (1974) is about a Nixon-level invasion of privacy, which leads to paranoia and ten rounds with the human conscience.  The movie begins… Continue reading

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