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Episode 8 of Twin Peaks reveals the origin of Bob

Twin Peaks episode 8 has no literal answers about what’s going on, so a lot of people are probably pretty disappointed right now because the whole thing is a string of strange metaphors… Continue reading

No seriously, did you watch Twin Peaks episode 7?

Episode 7 of Twin Peaks: The Confusion Retuns aired on Sunday, and I haven’t decided if this series is really smart, or really making fun of me trying to figure out if it’s… Continue reading

Did you watch Twin Peaks part 5?

Twin Peaks part 5 is just as confusing as part 4, and I can see that we’re not going to get a traditional explanation for what’s going on, but there’s still hope we… Continue reading

Twin Peaks part 4

Twin Peaks is moving right along, posing a lot of questions.  It sometimes reminds me of things Stanley Kubrick might do, when he poses questions just for posing them, and moves on.  Hopefully,… Continue reading

The RETURN of the 12 Monkeys

Okay, so if you’re a television watcher, this weekend was pretty darn good, because you got two hidden gems all in one Sunday, 12 Monkeys AND Twin Peaks.  It’s been an interesting ride… Continue reading

The Twin Peaks First Episode

Well, never say never. Twin Peaks: The Return is brought to you by trippy acid, so I turned it on with the understanding I would be confused in about two minutes or less.… Continue reading

Sherlock Series 4 Premiere: How much Canon can we reference?

I will say that the Sherlock series 4 premiere was pretty good, and any complaints I have about Sherlock Holmes being psychotic or the show becoming Mission Impossible really is nitpicking.  The first… Continue reading

Greatest Sherlock Holmes: Lady Carfax

I think this is the first really terrible episode done in the Brett series, which is partly the fault of the production and Conan Doyle himself.  As a story, The Disappearance of Lady Carfax… Continue reading

The Walking Dead – ep 7.1 – Has it gone too far?

Unfortunately, the media had a harsh reaction to season seven premiere of The Walking Dead, some going so far as to suggest that the show bordered on torture porn.  I think intense and gritty and… Continue reading

The Red Forest Breakfast Blend is Good Stuff #12Monkeys

Memory of Tomorrow expanded the scope of 12 Monkeys and made me realize that The Red Forest drink is stronger than a Starbucks espresso.  Our hero Cole drinks this special concoction to go back… Continue reading

What is Wisteria Lodge? (Jeremy Brett Knows) #sherlockholmes

The Return of Sherlock Holmes episode “Wisteria Lodge” aired in April of 1988, but it differs more than any other Jeremy Brett’s adventures from Conan Doyle’s canon.  There are several problems with the… Continue reading

Two Missions Washed Away, One Episode Left #12Monkeys

12 Monkeys on SyFy returned on Monday with “Blood Washed Away”, an episode with a lot of frustrated characters.  You’ve got two groups on a long quest and nobody’s getting anywhere.  Cassie and Cole went… Continue reading

Countdown to the Finale of 12 Monkeys begins here #12Monkeys #GoodTV

“Resurrection” was an amazing episode of 12 Monkeys and the emotion was REAL folks.  This episode creates a lot of drama and you could cut the tension with a knife.  The story was… Continue reading

Cole is addicted to Chopin (and finding Titan) #12Monkeys on TV

Apparently the 12 Monkeys love classical music as much destroying the world, and our hero is ticked off in this one, as he tries to unravel a conspiracy while fighting off womanly crazies.… Continue reading

Possessed 12 Monkeys – Ouch Count #12monkeys

The 12 Monkeys possessed Amanda Schull with evil, causing her to screw everything up.  Feel the drama folks.  Actually, I thought they were going to drag it out for a while, and have Cassie… Continue reading

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