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31 Days of Horror Movies – #27 – Is it Dario Argento or Bava’s Demons? #joebob #horror #movies

Don’t think too hard about this movie, or it’ll break your brain.  This is an Italian counter-culture movie because it’s horror and has heavy metal music.  One of the biggest mysteries of this… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 2017 #18 – Knackery (n.) – a slaughterhouse or a bad movie?

The only thing I enjoyed about this “movie” is that I learned what a knackery is.  I put the word “movie” in quotations, because I use the term loosely to describe this….thing.  I’m… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 2017 #22 – Italians and their hardcore zombies

Zombie fever inspired the creation of Zombi 2 aka Zombie aka Zombie, Flesh Eaters aka Zombie, Dying to Eat You, and we have George Romero to thank.  It was called Zombi 2 to… Continue reading

28 Weeks Later Makes Me Dizzy

Ok, so I bought Danny Boyle’s 28 Weeks Later (2007) on DVD, but I can’t watch it because of all the stupid shaky-cam crap in this stupid, shaky-cam movie.  That’s what it is.… Continue reading

The Walking Dead Runs Ahead and Confuses Me #thewalkingdead

So The Walking Dead skips ahead two months and we’re back to some sort of boring normalcy, which reminds me of some of the episodes last season, and that’s not really a good… Continue reading

The Walking Dead MidSeason Premiere Shoots For the Chest #TheWalkingDead

Okay, this show just got real, and because it was all-action, all-the-time, there wasn’t much to complain about.  This is really what happened at the beginning of the season, but this time there’s… Continue reading

The Walking Dead – Mid-Season Snafu?

Okay, so this was a pretty good episode, but it just went on FOREVER and was over before I knew it. Most of the runtime was spent on Rick and a few others,… Continue reading

The Walking Dead SLAMMED – Hey, lay off, it’s only a plot twist

The Walking Dead was slammed today by a lot of major news agencies online, like Forbes and the New York Times, and most of the other ones found something else to complain about.… Continue reading

The Walking Dead – You’re Gonna Be Sorry #Daryl #thewalkingdead

Leave it to The Walking Dead to take the most beloved and revered character, and remind us that he’s a badass.  Why is Daryl not in every episode?  Do I need to see… Continue reading

The Walking Dead – Another Character Joins the Cast

This week’s spoilers are minor compared to those I’ve posted before.  This week, we get a new character and a Daryl story as we catch  up with everybody outside of Alexandria.  No, we… Continue reading

The Walking Dead monologues into next week

Rick, Deanna, Jessie and some guy with crackers had a monologue in the latest episode of The Walking Dead.  This episode was as good as the dialogue, which means it wasn’t very good.  I mean, it… Continue reading

Walking Dead Ratings STEADY

The sixth season has finally recovered from it’s terrible opening in the ratings, thanks to the Morgan episode and the hype generated by the Glenn pseudo-death, not necessarily in that order.  The show has… Continue reading

The Master of Zombie Zen & The Walking DEAD

I don’t think The Walking Dead can’t get any more philosophical than Sunday’s episode, “Here’s Not Here”.  This episode was all about Morgan and how he reached a place of eternally tranquil Zen,… Continue reading

90 Minutes with Morgan and The Walking Dead

Spoilers – “Here’s Not Here” will be the 90 minute episode devoted entirely to Morgan, which at first sounded like a bad idea.  90 minutes? Devoted to one guy? Apparently this episode bridges… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – Day 28 – 28 Zombies Later

28 Days Later made zombies cool and even used a montage in 7-11 while doing it.  28 Days Later and The Walking Dead have a lot in common, especially because they start the same… Continue reading

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