Episode 8 of Twin Peaks reveals the origin of Bob

Twin Peaks episode 8 has no literal answers about what’s going on, so a lot of people are probably pretty disappointed right now because the whole thing is a string of strange metaphors… Continue reading

Why is this Quentin Tarantino’s favorite Western?

Quentin Tarantino has seen a LOT of movies, and borrowed from most of them to make his own speghetti westerns and his own revenge films, but they all pale in comparison to Death… Continue reading

No seriously, did you watch Twin Peaks episode 7?

Episode 7 of Twin Peaks: The Confusion Retuns aired on Sunday, and I haven’t decided if this series is really smart, or really making fun of me trying to figure out if it’s… Continue reading

Did you watch Twin Peaks part 5?

Twin Peaks part 5 is just as confusing as part 4, and I can see that we’re not going to get a traditional explanation for what’s going on, but there’s still hope we… Continue reading

Why is Rings (2017) a Matilda Lutz fanfilm?

I started watching a horror movie and a teen drama broke out. I was like, what? What’s this? Why are there hot college girls in tight clothing in this movie? Why does that… Continue reading

Twin Peaks part 4

Twin Peaks is moving right along, posing a lot of questions.  It sometimes reminds me of things Stanley Kubrick might do, when he poses questions just for posing them, and moves on.  Hopefully,… Continue reading

Bad or Good: Alien – Covenant

Alien: Covenant (2017) looks like it’s another divisive movie from Ridley Scott.  Don’t get me wrong, this movie has a lot of flaws, and I saw a crappy review on arrowinthehead.com giving it… Continue reading

The RETURN of the 12 Monkeys

Okay, so if you’re a television watcher, this weekend was pretty darn good, because you got two hidden gems all in one Sunday, 12 Monkeys AND Twin Peaks.  It’s been an interesting ride… Continue reading

The Twin Peaks First Episode

Well, never say never. Twin Peaks: The Return is brought to you by trippy acid, so I turned it on with the understanding I would be confused in about two minutes or less.… Continue reading

Top Ten Questions From Prometheus and Why Covenant has to Rock

I’ll tell you what, Alien Covenant better rock or my whole month is going in the crapper.  From the trailer, it looks like it’s the anti-Prometheus film, with you know, actual aliens in… Continue reading

Is Need for Speed (2014) really that slow?

Need for Speed seems to have a good premise but more than six critics I’ve read call this movie a “slog”.  What’s a slog?  It’s a really slow movie.  But this is a… Continue reading

The Force Awakens…Backlash?

Have you noticed the recent backlash against Star Wars: The Force Awakens?  I hear comments online from time to time how this wasn’t such a good movie, and there’s a few critics that… Continue reading

Daily Rumor: Labyrinth is scheduled to return

A new movie based on the 80s cult hit Labyrinth is now on the docket to be directed by Fede Alvarez.  Alvarez is the guy who brought us the blood-soaked Evil Dead remake… Continue reading

Why are some movies free? An Analysis (sic)

Ok, so if you’re not a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriber, then you’re stuck with the free movies from Vudu.com, Hulu, Cracklecrap, and/or other legal sites in the USA or globally, which usually… Continue reading

Does Flash Gordon (1980) try too hard to be funny?

Flash Gordon (1980) could be the biggest cult hit of the 80s, and I think it’s as popular as Escape From New York or They Live.  It could be close.  Flash Gordon has action, likeable… Continue reading

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