5th Annual 31 Days of Halloween Movie Marathon Announced

It’s time once again to announce the 31 Days of Halloween Movie Marathon, where I post 31 horror movie reviews, in order to kill myself for the love of movies.  This year we’re… Continue reading

Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) – Grindhouse shocker

Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) is basically crazy.  Nuff said.  This movie went from a $150 fake trailer to a full-length motion picture thanks to the vision of director Jason Eisener and his… Continue reading

Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould

Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993) has quite the opposite approach compared to Won’t You Be My Neighbor (2018) as biopics go, delving into the personal attitudes and feelings of the… Continue reading

Top 10 Things (Not) Needed in the New 2018 Halloween Movie

John Carpenter’s Halloween gets remade/rebooted (again) this October and there’s plenty of things I don’t need in this new version.  The 1978 Halloween has some the most unnecessary sequels of any franchise ever,… Continue reading

12 Monkeys TV Returns

Well, the confusing adventures begin again, only this time with more characters and loose ends.  I completely forgot where 12 Monkeys left off as a TV show and it was hard to pick… Continue reading

Fred Rogers thinks you’re special and that’s okay

The documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor (2018) is even better than I thought it would be, and touches your heart about a man who was the genuine article.  The reason there hasn’t… Continue reading

Top Ten Movies About or With a Mall

On today’s Slow Monday Top Ten <tm>, I’m going to type endlessly about movies that use a mall as a major part of the story.  The Mall (in capitals) is an American tradition,… Continue reading

Red Sparrow (2018) – The Cold War Never Ended

Red Sparrow (2018) succeeds in making me uncomfortable, but it fails to develop its main character, and it has a standard, by-the-numbers plot.  This movie stars Jennifer Lawrence as Dominika (sp?) Domikia? Whatever. … Continue reading

Cobra Kai – Episode 9 & 10 – Resolve Your Problems with Breakfast

Anticipation for episode 9 is mitigated with breakfast.  The most amazing cliffhanger in the whole series is diffused by a little joke about breakfast and some good dialogue, which works well.  This sets… Continue reading

Daniel Craig returning for Bond 25

Daniel Craig returns to the Bond franchise and will begin shooting Bond 25 in December 2018 for a 2019 release.  All the top studios have vied for release rights after the end of… Continue reading

Cobra Kai – 7 & 8 – The Wax On and Off

The build established in episodes 7 & 8 of Cobra Kai is just amazing, and there’s actual tension produced in a Youtube Red series.  It’s the thing of miracles.  Cobra Kai is just… Continue reading

Cobra Kai Episode 5 & 6 – Hitting its Stride

Cobra Kai Episodes 5 & 6 takes the story to another level and the series hits its stride.  Don’t get me wrong, this series still preaches self-motivation, but now episodes 5 & 6… Continue reading

Cobra Kai Episode 4 – What’s the message of this show?

Johnny sinks into depression and Daniel is targeted by offensive billboard graffiti in the latest episode of Cobra Kai.  This is probably the first episode of Cobra Kai I’ve seen which isn’t that… Continue reading

Cobra Kai – Episode 3, a Struggle for Power

The hit series Cobra Kai is back with another great episode.  The key theme of this episode is a struggle for power, and a fight against misconceptions, led by Daniel and Johnny’s conflict. … Continue reading

Cobra Kai Episode 2 – Daniel LaRusso’s Story

The Karate Kid is not a very good father and he’s sort of an average boss, but he’s rich and generous so he gets away with it.  Ralph Macchio stars as Daniel and… Continue reading

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