31 Days of Halloween 2016 #10 – Spencer Tracy as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Which version of this story is best?  There’s plenty of versions to choose from.  Most people prefer the 1931 version, with the goofy Hyde and over-the-top performances.  The 1941 version starring Spencer Tracy… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween #11 – Day of the Dead

Can anyone or anything top Dawn of the Dead?  I’m thinking George Romero already knew that.  He didn’t even try.  So in effect, we get this movie, the anti-Dawn of the Dead.  It… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween #12 – The Always Evil Dead

This is simply a classic, and an essential part of any horror library.  Anybody who doesn’t like Ash, needs to watch the 1981 original and the sequels all over again and get with… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 2016 #13 – Cube 1997

Creators of The Blair Witch Project must have watched Cube (1997) and thought walking to nowhere was a good idea.  I’m really a sucker for low-budget junk that tries to be something more… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 2016 #14 – The First Final Chapter

Most people argue that Friday the 13th Part 6 or 7 is the best of the bunch, but The Final Chapter is underappreciated.  Roger Ebert had the strongest review of this movie I’ve… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 2016 #15 – I feel re-animated

I’ve never seen Re-Animator (1985), so I went in with no expectations, and came out surprised and re-animated.  The reason I didn’t think much of it is because the story sounds very plain,… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween #16 – Videodrome by David Cronenberg

So I’ve reviewed a lot of horror comedies, monster movies and slasher flicks, but Videodrome (1983) is a straight-up horror film meant to mess with your head.  It’s got hallucinations and strange, cyberpunk… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – The New Glow-in-the-Dark Godzilla (2016)

The new Toho, glow-in-the-dark Godzilla is different from any previous version of the famous monster.  This time it’s a complete movie, not a superficial wham-bam action cartoon, and it’s got plenty of themes to… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 2016 #18 – Strange Elvis

Bubba Ho-Tep (2016) is a movie so strange, I’m almost too weirded out to laugh.  Elvis is still alive and living in an old folks home with his buddy, the African American JFK,… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 2016 – #19 JoyRide (2001) with Paul Walker and LeeLee Sobieski

There’s absolutely nothing original about this film, but at least it doesn’t insult your intelligence and it’s certainly way more entertaining than other flicks in this sometimes-stupid young-people-acting-like-teens horror genre.   There’s all… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 2016 – #20 Silver Bullet (1985) and Stephen King

This film was not highly anticipated and nearly departed theaters as fast as it arrived.  It’s a decent movie, but there are other movies way better, like An American Werewolf in London and The… Continue reading

Top Ten Actors With Beards

This list is brought to you by top ten lists that mean something.  We’ve got bearded men this time around, and they better be well-groomed to make this list.  Sorry Keanu.  You’re out!… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween #21 – Brazil’s first horror film

Now it’s time to expand my horizons, if I’m not already doing that with upteen indie films on this list.  Who needs Jason Voorhees when you’ve got a Portuguese guy screaming bloody murder?… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 2016 #22 – The TryHard Exorcist III

I’ve thought about reviewing The Exorcist III several times over the years because it’s an interesting subject.  You’ve got the Exorcist angle and the sequel angle, which is obvious, but I think maybe this… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 2016 #23 – There’s a lot of running in Aggression Scale (2012)

There’s something gritty and real about The Aggression Scale (2012), which makes it a good indie movie.  I’ve got a couple indie movies on the Halloween countdown this year and many people probably haven’t seen them.… Continue reading

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