Captain Kirk is recruited to carry the Tom Clancy franchise

It will be interesting to see if Chris Pine can carry a movie as a legitimate action star.  He stars as Jack Ryan in Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit opening January 17, 2014.  This movie… Continue reading

King Kong Escapes (1967) … Remembered

I’m not sure I wanted to remember this film when I turned it on tonight.  This week’s Svengoolie non-masterpiece is King Kong Escapes, a Toho production from 1967.  This is the first robot… Continue reading

Brutally Honest Review #2: Star Trek Into Darkness is MEH

I really wanted to like Star Trek Into Darkness whole-heartedly, but I’m only entertained by it in the most superficial way possible.  It is the definition of meh.  Many things from this movie… Continue reading

Brutally Honest Review #1: Man of Steel sucks

I’ve finally got around to reviewing the movie Man of Steel starring Henry Cavity.  To begin, 2013 gave us a lot of CGI action extravaganzas masquerading as bad movies.  Just because it has… Continue reading

Star Wars episode VII test footage REVEALED

Yes, the word revealed is in all caps to stress the importance and seriousness of this test footage.  This ultra-secret episode VII test footage was found in Benedict Cumberbatch’s cellphone, which he left… Continue reading

What are the best movie plot twists?

There’s no doubt that many movies have interesting plot twists.  But other movies have contrived plot twists that couldn’t be more predictable and stupid.  However, in some cases, the plot twist makes the… Continue reading

Chevy Chase teams up with Charlton Heston at Christmas

This year I put in an old-favorite and a newcomer to watch with family and friends, rediscovering that Christmas can really be a popular setting for movies.  I think some Christmas movies are… Continue reading

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes looks amazing

The trailer for 2014’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was released a few days ago and it looks amazing.  I can’t believe the make-up job that they’ve done.  I actually believed… Continue reading

Star Trek 3 in 2016

Yes, they’ve changed writers and they don’t even have a director, but says there will be Star Trek in 2016.  All I have to say is that they better get going on… Continue reading

Who HASN’T auditioned for Star Wars episode 7??

I was curious about Star Wars news this morning and found a PLETHORA, a mountain, and a gigantic pile of rumors.  Yes, there is a lot of information flying around about Star Wars… Continue reading

Godzilla 2014 – PLOT REVEALED

The new Godzilla movie coming in 2014 will star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, and Elizabeth Olsen.  This new entry into the Godzilla franchise will bring us new monster action and brand new, classic Godzilla scenes worthy… Continue reading

Walking Dead pic of the week #1!

The Walking Dead comic started off about ten years ago by Robert Kirkman and penciler Tony Moore.  I don’t remember The Walking Dead #1 having a huge impact or even being a huge… Continue reading

Do zombies have intelligence?

After watching a lot of zombie movies and television shows, I think zombies do show intelligence in the most rudimentary sense.  The classic case is of course from Romero’s trilogy of zombie movies,… Continue reading

Walking Dead season 4 episode 8, “Too Far Gone” Review

At the end of last week’s episode, The Governor had his sights on the prison and some of its inhabitants, who strayed into his gunsight.  The episode opens with The Governor recruiting a group… Continue reading

Svengoolie presents … Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein was released in 1948 to huge success, leading to Abbott and Costello meeting most of the other Universal monsters.  Frankenstein is not alone in this one however, but… Continue reading

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