Memorial Day Memories: The Dirty Dozen (1967)

This Dirty Dozen (1967) succeeds in spite of the 60s anti-war era, mainly because of its characters.  Anyone who watches movies will recognize many of the faces in this film and all of… Continue reading

The Land Unknown (1957) was based on fact?

The Land Unknown (1957) is a Universal picture about explorers finding a prehistoric jungle in icy Antarctica, which should clue you in to how bad this movie is.  Taking a page from Toho… Continue reading

What if The Plumber (1979) invaded your house and scared your wife?

This film was an Australian TV movie by Peter Weir, but it later opened in limited theatres, as people were taken with its unique twist on the uninvited household invader.  This film stars some smalltime Australian actors… Continue reading

Patrick Stewart Kicks Everyone’s Ass in Days of Future Past (2014)

All I have to say about Days of Future Past (2014) is that Bryan Singer better thank the guy upstairs that Patrick Stewart is as good as he is, because anybody who craps… Continue reading

Great Debate #6 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake in 2003 is good

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake in 2003 is a by-the-numbers horror movie starring Jessica Biel and Jessica Biel’s stomach that had and still has a huge number of fans.  Why?  Why is this?… Continue reading

Toho created Star Wars with … The Hidden Fortress (1958)

Toho, the studio that created Godzilla, was responsible for releasing The Hidden Fortress in 1958, which later influenced George Lucas into creating a great epic that uses the work of his friend, Akira Kurosawa,… Continue reading

Why did TV’s “Space Seed” inspire The Wrath of Khan?

Taking a look at Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) is easy, but what isn’t easy is answering why they decided to ruin the ending to “Space Seed” and use that as a… Continue reading

Jane Fonda in Barbarella (1968) makes superheroes look sexy

I say Barberella (1968) is superhero movie, but most people prefer calling it a science fiction film combined with a rather “adult” comedy romp, if you get my meaning. It solidified Jane Fonda as one… Continue reading

The Deadly Mantis (1957) … is our Cold War propaganda film

The Deadly Mantis invades Washington DC, climbs the Washington monument, and people run around like chickens on fire trying to stop this two-star B-Movie monster.  For those who love B-Movie horror, this is a… Continue reading

Godzilla (2014) Exclusive Review

Spoiler Review:  This movie surprised me in a number of ways and although I was satisfied by what I saw, I think a couple of things could have used some improvement. When I… Continue reading

Why does Brian Cranston hate Godzilla? Exclusive video

  Brian Cranston was interviewed about Godzilla and this is what he said:  

The Heat is On … 12 Angry Men (1957) … literally!

I couldn’t believe it but symbolism can predict when one of the jurors in 12 Angry Men (1957) changes their vote!  Yes, it’s true.  My friend told me that the “heat” in the room… Continue reading

Zack Snyder says Man of Steel (2013) is real and Superman (1978) is not

Forbes interviewed Zack Snyder in April 2014 about Superman, Man of Steel (2013), and the upcoming sequel, and his answers nearly gave me a conniption fit.  In this interview, he comments on a… Continue reading

Forbidden Planet (1956) is really The Tempest by Shakespeare

My friend recently told me that the movie Forbidden Planet (1956), the science fiction monster movie, ripped off Shakespeare’s play The Tempest.  All I could say is: huh? what?  I couldn’t believe this… Continue reading

Soylent Green is what’s for dinner

The future has been the subject of movies for many years, from Flash Gordon to Forbidden Planet (1956), but Soylent Green (1973) predicts a future of great melodramatic suffering. Many movies show possible… Continue reading

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