Svengoolie presents … She-Wolf of London (1946)

This week, Svengoolie presents a young June Lockhart in a werewolf movie, a definite two-star special that has not been broadcast on TV for years.  It is more of a suspense mystery than… Continue reading

Walking Dead 4.9 EXCLUSIVE review – midseason premiere

This is the number one show on television, the number one most-watched premiere, and it delivered on some great character drama.  It was conflict city and Carl made his feelings known right from… Continue reading

Svengoolie presents … King Kong versus Godzilla (1963)

This movie was a huge box office success in its day and gave rise to even more men in monster suits on film.  That fact is perpetrated as the biggest conspiracy ever conceived.… Continue reading

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Review – with Director’s DVD Commentary

Today I re-watched the Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Cut with its DVD commentaries by Robert Wise, Jerry Goldsmith, and others.  The Director’s Cut makes this film almost decent, but it is… Continue reading

The Manchurian Candidate (1962) remembered…starring SINATRA

This Frank Sinatra film has been honored by the AFI as one of the greatest films ever produced and it is a classic, Cold War suspense thriller.  This is a period piece quite… Continue reading

Sherlock 3.3 finale review – His Last Vow

The season 3 finale entitled “His Last Vow” has finally reached America and it does not disappoint.  This episode is definitely better than the self-aggrandizing season opener and a bit grander in scale… Continue reading

Great Debate #1: Why does 2001: A Space Odyssey have no story?

Many critics have said that 2001: A Space Odyssey has no story and it is a movie where literally nothing happens.  I’m not too sure about this reasoning, as the movie has many themes,… Continue reading

Sherlock episode 3.2 review

The second episode of season 3 is perhaps even better than the last.  There is comedy.  There is drama.  There is Sherlock going way over the top.  It has it all if you… Continue reading

Sherlock episode 3.1 review

We finally got the season 3 opening episode here in the USA on PBS and it does not fail to entertain.  The main point of this series is not that it is a… Continue reading

B-Movie Short … The Mole People (1956)

The Mole People was a movie made in 1956 and panned on the show Svengoolie.  Perhaps the worst part of this movie, as appropriately pointed out by the host, is the stupid professor… Continue reading

Solaris (1972) … Remembered

Solaris (1972) is a philosophical film based on a novel that explores human life, death, and memory itself.  I am told that the Russian novel this movie is based on is even more… Continue reading

Captain Kirk is recruited to carry the Tom Clancy franchise

It will be interesting to see if Chris Pine can carry a movie as a legitimate action star.  He stars as Jack Ryan in Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit opening January 17, 2014.  This movie… Continue reading

King Kong Escapes (1967) … Remembered

I’m not sure I wanted to remember this film when I turned it on tonight.  This week’s Svengoolie non-masterpiece is King Kong Escapes, a Toho production from 1967.  This is the first robot… Continue reading

Brutally Honest Review #2: Star Trek Into Darkness is MEH

I really wanted to like Star Trek Into Darkness whole-heartedly, but I’m only entertained by it in the most superficial way possible.  It is the definition of meh.  Many things from this movie… Continue reading

Brutally Honest Review #1: Man of Steel sucks

I’ve finally got around to reviewing the movie Man of Steel starring Henry Cavity.  To begin, 2013 gave us a lot of CGI action extravaganzas masquerading as bad movies.  Just because it has… Continue reading

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