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31 Days of Halloween 2017 #16- Jason Lives

Jason Lives gives up on playing it serious, and I’m thankful.  So Paramount tried to end the franchise, or at least told us Part IV was the end, and then they tried to… Continue reading

Who will SURVIVE the 31 Days of Halloween 2017 Marathon?

This year’s theme for the Halloween movie marathon is the burning question every slasher fan asks: who survives?  Or any riff on that question.  How do they survive? Which person survives? Do you… Continue reading

Blade Runner 2049 trailer #2 reveals spoilers

Blade Runner 2049’s second trailer seems to be telegraphing the twist, as if trying to yank us into the theater with an interesting concept.   Ok, everybody who loves Blade Runner is going… Continue reading

Why is this Quentin Tarantino’s favorite Western?

Quentin Tarantino has seen a LOT of movies, and borrowed from most of them to make his own speghetti westerns and his own revenge films, but they all pale in comparison to Death… Continue reading

Why is Rings (2017) a Matilda Lutz fanfilm?

I started watching a horror movie and a teen drama broke out. I was like, what? What’s this? Why are there hot college girls in tight clothing in this movie? Why does that… Continue reading

Bad or Good: Alien – Covenant

Alien: Covenant (2017) looks like it’s another divisive movie from Ridley Scott.  Don’t get me wrong, this movie has a lot of flaws, and I saw a crappy review on giving it… Continue reading

Is Need for Speed (2014) really that slow?

Need for Speed seems to have a good premise but more than six critics I’ve read call this movie a “slog”.  What’s a slog?  It’s a really slow movie.  But this is a… Continue reading

Does Flash Gordon (1980) try too hard to be funny?

Flash Gordon (1980) could be the biggest cult hit of the 80s, and I think it’s as popular as Escape From New York or They Live.  It could be close.  Flash Gordon has action, likeable… Continue reading

Dawn of the Planet of the Franchise

In Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), the apes haven’t dominated the planet yet, because this here is a continuing franchise.  Yay.  Probably the most impressive thing about this movie are… Continue reading

Life versus The Power Rangers

There was no way I was seeing a Power Rangers movie, so I watched Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds fight an alien.  Life has a lot of good things going for it, and it does… Continue reading

Passengers (2016) is good when it’s tedious

I watched Passengers to find out if the rumors were true: is this really a crappy space movie with great stars? Yes, it does have good performances, so the acting really isn’t a problem,… Continue reading

Action Island: Featuring Kong vs Sam Jackson

Kong: Skull Island (2017) is a different kind of Kong Kong movie, with the action turned up to 11, and everything else turned off.  I think Jurassic Park is a good example of… Continue reading

King Kong 1976 – A precursor to 2017?

The 70s remake of King Kong hasn’t dated well.  The thing I like about the original Universal monster movies is that they are pretty much all rewatchable to this day.  However, this one… Continue reading

Where Eagles Dare (to explain things)

Where Eagles Dare (1968) is a decent movie, if you’re patient.  It is very well-made and I love the environments, the story, and all the actors do a great job.  However, this is… Continue reading

The Final Saw (Until the Next One)

Saw: The Final Chapter (2010) or Saw 3D is the supposed end of the Saw franchise, and it dies with a paper thin plot and very stupid characters.  As with previous Saw films,… Continue reading

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