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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond (2016) is entertaining, it’s just really forgettable.  This movie is maybe comparable to Star Trek Insurrection or Star Trek Nemesis because it’s a one-shot deal, except Beyond has better effects.… Continue reading

Flashback TV: Let’s Make a Deal with Captain Kirk

The first episode of the second season of Star Trek: The Animated series feels low-budget, but it has a lot of good things going on.  Most of the voices of Star Trek: The… Continue reading

At #1 – The Best Star Trek: The Next Generation episode

At the top of my top ten Next Generation countdown is the best episode ever made, Yesterday’s Enterprise, guest-starring Denise Crosby, Christopher McDonald, and Tricia O’Neill.  This episode has everything classic Star Trek… Continue reading

Top Ten Leonard Nimoy Moments

My top ten Leonard Nimoy moments are my best memories of Leonard Nimoy, but I think they’re all great moments in their own right.  Read on to see if you agree. 10.  Director –… Continue reading

Top Ten Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes #8

The Inner Light is a celebrated episode, and gives us a taste of home and community all in one quiet episode.  It is moving and delicate, like a fairy tale in the middle… Continue reading

Best Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes #7 – Capt Picard dies

This blog post needs a subtitle because this episode delivers a truckload of backstory, character development, and a really good plot.  Most of the regular cast are thrown out like overused garbage, and… Continue reading

Top Ten Best Star Trek the Next Generation Episodes #6

All Good Things is not number one on my list, and looking at it again just now, it probably should be lower, considering the quality of others.  That’s not to say that these… Continue reading

Top Ten Best Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes #5

The Measure of a Man is Plato’s, Samuel Johnson’s, and Martin Luther King Jr’s favorite Star Trek episode of all time.  Just kidding.  Actually, each of these philosophical men have something to say… Continue reading

Top Ten Best Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes #4

Sins of the Father won an Emmy for art direction and I agree, it shows the Klingon homeworld in the best light ever, and that’s ironic, cause there’s a lot of darkness.  This… Continue reading

Top Ten Best Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes #3

Coming in at number eight on the list is the two-part episode, Chain of Command, which is where Captain Picard is captured and tortured by the Cardassians.  This episode has been lampooned by… Continue reading

Top Ten Best Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes #2

Star Trek: The Next Generation did not often have a running plot or underlying goal for most of its run, instead relying on stand-alone episodes to create very different scenarios and situations.  Cause… Continue reading

Top Ten Best Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes #1

I have selected some of my favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes to review and talk about.  Star Trek: The Next Generation was my Star Trek and Captain Picard aka Patrick Stewart… Continue reading

Flashback TV #3 – JJ Abrams rips off Star Trek Animated episode, “Yesteryear”

This episode of Star Trek, the Animated Series is one of the best because it provides a follow-up to a fan-favorite Original Series episode and does something unique with it.  The Original Series episode… Continue reading

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