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My top 10 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Predictions

This isn’t really spoilers, but if you don’t like guessing or talking about what might happen in the biggest movie this year, don’t click this and read every last word (yep, reverse psychology). … Continue reading

Top Ten Retro Movies

I feel like it’s time for another unnecessary top ten, this time of my ten favorite movies that feel “retro”.  What is retro?  Basically, I feel “retro” is any modern movie with a… Continue reading

Top 10 Movies People Love to Hate

These movies are polarizing, and people love to hate them.  Fact is, people are going to have different opinions on whether they like a movie or not, but I think these ten movies… Continue reading

Top 10 Stupidiest Movie Cliffhangers

There are stupid cliffhangers to set up a sequel, then there’s stupid endings that make no sense whatsoever.  Yeah, thanks Tim Burton.  How about a list of Tim Burton movies that make no… Continue reading

Top Ten Movies to Watch on Vacation Break

Vacation is a time for everyone to relax, but movie watchers have a chance to sit back and relax too.  They have a rich list of choices around Christmas especially, from hyped new… Continue reading

Top Ten Actors With Beards

This list is brought to you by top ten lists that mean something.  We’ve got bearded men this time around, and they better be well-groomed to make this list.  Sorry Keanu.  You’re out!… Continue reading

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know Were in Blair Witch (2016)

I gave Blair Witch (2016) a standard review, but there’s a lot of other things going on in that movie I didn’t give it credit for.  I guess that’s my fault in trying… Continue reading

Top Ten Road Movies

Road Movies usually have a road, but more importantly, they’re all-about cruising, driving, or chasing.  I’m not sure when this kind of movie first started, but I think the most important has to be… Continue reading

Top Ten Movie Theme Music

Okay, so you’ve got a franchise, but do you have a catchy theme song or piece? The music is part of getting people to enjoy and remember your movie, whether it’s classical or… Continue reading

Top Ten Shark Movies

In honor of The Shallows (2016), here’s ten of the best shark movies out there today.  All of them have sharks trying to eat people.  Some of them even have sharks jumping out… Continue reading

Top Ten Memorial Day Movies

There aren’t any war movies this Memorial Day, unless you like superheroes fighting each other, but there are movie staples of the Memorial Day Genre (my patent pending), which are essential viewing on… Continue reading

Are there any good comedies out there?

I guess I was sufing Netflix and I was let down by the lack of choices I haven’t seen.  Mostly, there are a hell of a lot of crappy spoof movies.  Recently, it’s… Continue reading

Top 10 WORST movies of 2015

My list of the worst movies of 2015 is littered with disappointments and crap—just the kind of thing that gets me to sit down to write a stupid blog post.  From conception to… Continue reading

Top Ten Star Wars Moments

In honor of Episode 7, these are the most memorable Star Wars moments, or at least the best ones I can remember.   10.  The Cantina Scene in Star Wars: A New Hope… Continue reading

Top 10 Walking Dead Dangling Plot Threads

Combining my obsession with zombies and top tens could be dangerous for my writing. And since there’s a LOT of unanswered questions in THE WALKING DEAD, I could get carpel tunnel.  Robert Kirkman… Continue reading

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