Cobra Kai Episode 5 & 6 – Hitting its Stride

Cobra Kai Episodes 5 & 6 takes the story to another level and the series hits its stride.  Don’t get me wrong, this series still preaches self-motivation, but now episodes 5 & 6… Continue reading

Cobra Kai Episode 4 – What’s the message of this show?

Johnny sinks into depression and Daniel is targeted by offensive billboard graffiti in the latest episode of Cobra Kai.  This is probably the first episode of Cobra Kai I’ve seen which isn’t that… Continue reading

Cobra Kai – Episode 3, a Struggle for Power

The hit series Cobra Kai is back with another great episode.  The key theme of this episode is a struggle for power, and a fight against misconceptions, led by Daniel and Johnny’s conflict. … Continue reading

Cobra Kai Episode 2 – Daniel LaRusso’s Story

The Karate Kid is not a very good father and he’s sort of an average boss, but he’s rich and generous so he gets away with it.  Ralph Macchio stars as Daniel and… Continue reading

Trailer for Searching

I just watched the trailer for Searching, out in August, and I’m impressed.  The movie stars John Cho and the premise is that he’s searching for his lost daughter, while trying to discover… Continue reading

Cobra Kai – Episode 1 review

Cobra Kai is a great idea for a television series.  It’s produced for Youtube and stars William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, who is pretty much a loser at the start of the series. … Continue reading

Infinity War? The Biggest Marketing Scam of All Time?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building to this weekend for years, and the marketing crescendo lures you in, takes your money, and leaves everybody unsatisfied.  You’ve got to hand to these movie-makers,… Continue reading

Do you search for interesting new releases?

Ok so if you’re not into Superhero Movies, I’m guessing you’re looking for something to see at the movie theater.  Or if you remember finding things like It Follows, you’re really into those… Continue reading

The music of Glory (1989)

The music of the motion picture Glory (1989) is a masterpiece, and is one of James Horner’s best scores.  I think this score is more closely tied to the movie than some others… Continue reading

Wrestlemania 34 Review – Who’s this kid? Why are we watching Ronda Rousey?

Honestly, I don’t watch a lot of wrestling but when I do, I expect entertainment.  That’s pretty much what wrestling is now, because everyone knows it’s fake.  The thing is, World Wrestling Entertainment… Continue reading

Top 10 Feel Good Movies

I’ve made a list of “feel good” movies that are inspirational, moving, and meaningful, because sometimes you want to smile at the movies.  And not everything needs to be light in order to… Continue reading

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold – What does it really mean?

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold (1965) is a black and white film based on the best spy novel I’ve ever read, a book once given to me as required reading in… Continue reading

The Last Episode of the X-Files ever – Instant Classic or Debacle?

The final episode was quite a fiasco, leaving the fanbase divided and not a lot of people happy.  Generally, I would say that Season 11 was kinda poor, with many of the episodes… Continue reading

Best of the 80s: Race in Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop (1984) is Eddie Murphy’s cleverly disguised story of racial discrimination, which comes from real life experiences.  An early scene features Murphy’s character Axel Foley being thrown out a ground-floor window… Continue reading

Best of the 80s – Police Academy?

I think only Porky’s or maybe Naked Gun tops Police Academy as one of the most infamous comedies of the 80s, but it was a big success, proving that even something simple and… Continue reading

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