Brad Pitt and the Most Convenient Plot Ever

Seven (1995) is a dark, dreary thriller from David Fincher, the man who has spent his entire career trying to make the most depressing movies ever.  Seven is a good film, but it… Continue reading

Michael Keaton thinks he’s in a satire

While watching this movie, I could see Micheal Keaton holding up a big sign in the back that said, “THIS IS SERIOUS SOCIAL COMMENTARY.  PLEASE REFRAIN FROM LAUGHING OR TEXTING”.  I think the… Continue reading

The Walking Dead are asked to join a community

Asking ‘Crazy Rick’ to join your gated neighborhood is like sleeping with a tiger.  Crazy Rick punches Aaron in the face, throws his pictures on the ground, and threatens to kill him.  I’m… Continue reading

To Catch a Thief is typical Hitchcock

To Catch a Thief (1955) is one of those movies with all the elements you love from Hitchcock, with a few added chuckles and smiles thrown in.  There’s something about Cary Grant’s skill… Continue reading

The Walking Dead spoilers and it’s trouble for Glenn

This is not just me shuffling through internet junk, because I have some information about the future of Glenn from a local source.  It seems as if they are having many stars from… Continue reading

The Secrets of Hattori Hanzo and Quentin Tarantino

Hattori Hanzo was a real person who lived in feudal Japan during the 16th century, and today he is often portrayed as a modern-day figure.  He is a well-recognized person in literature and… Continue reading

Hunger + Heat + Exhaustion = The Walking Dead’s status quo

On the most epic 60 mile walk ever, Rick’s group of survivors are barely hanging on.  Here they are, sweating like pigs and starving, feeling sorry for themselves, which seems to be the new… Continue reading

Top Ten Downer Movie Endings

I’m not sure if this trend is still around in full-force, but movies with depressing endings used to be as common as dirt.  The depressing ending probably originates from a rebellious attitude toward… Continue reading

The Night Room reveals secrets on 12 Monkeys

Cole has been searching for The Night Room for the whole series, and now he’s found it.  Strangely, Cole still can’t change anything and he’s stuck with his future even after he saves… Continue reading

The Walking Dead and 12 Monkeys Season Ratings

The Walking Dead is a genre show you’d think would have trouble succeeding, but it has elements of survivalist shows and the action genre which make it very appealing.  The pace is often very fast,… Continue reading

Walking Dead Rumors: Who are the Wolves?

The graffiti in Noah’s neighborhood provided some foreshadowing of things to come on The Walking Dead.  In the episode, some graffiti on a wall said “Wolves Not Far”.  Are these literal wolves we’re… Continue reading

The new philosophical Walking Dead

The brutality and violence are front-and-center in the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, but Bob, Mika, Lizzie, and The Governor return to haunt us while we’re still awake.  Freaky.  With only 100… Continue reading

12 Monkeys + gunfire + paradoxes = my entertainment

12 Monkeys the fourth episode hit TV recently, and I was surprised how complicated it was.  The solid writing is still there, but the fourth episode is filled with more gun-toting action and… Continue reading

Robert Redford plays the Spy Game (2001)

Spy Game (2001) is an espionage thriller starring Robert Redford, with Brad Pitt in a glorified cameo.  The biggest problem with this movie isn’t the dialogue or the drama, but it isn’t a… Continue reading

Top Ten Actors with Mustaches

For the ladies at Valentine’s, here’s a list for you.  Today I was considering the power of the mustache, and how to spell it.   For kicks, I made a list of the… Continue reading

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