Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Stupidness

Who’s bright idea was it to combine the epic romance of Jane Austen with zombies?  This is basically a movie for our McDonald’s culture, served fast and with candy-coated tropes.  Zombies are popular,… Continue reading

A Waste of a Good Don Johnson #dusktildawn

Without too many spoilers, From Dusk Til Dawn the Series commits a cardinal sin in killing off my 80s hero, Don Johnson.  The guy is in one episode, carries the thing, delivers the… Continue reading

How a were-lizard ate the X-Files #X-files

Monsters and aliens (mostly monsters) continue to draw in millions and millions of viewers to watch a show written over ten years ago.  The latest episode of The X-Files was written by Darin… Continue reading

Are there any good comedies out there?

I guess I was sufing Netflix and I was let down by the lack of choices I haven’t seen.  Mostly, there are a hell of a lot of crappy spoof movies.  Recently, it’s… Continue reading

The X-Files Tries Again

The X-Files tries again with its second episode and I’m getting flashbacks again, as Mulder and Scully deal with weirdos, monsters and crazy kids.  I guess I’m of two minds on this one.… Continue reading

The X-Files in 2016 and I’m getting flashbacks

I was a big, big fan of the X-Files back when it originally aired and I was getting flashbacks when I saw the first of six episodes this Sunday.  I remember the X-Files… Continue reading

Killing sheep, pelicans, and people with The Shout (1978)

Instead of subjecting myself to more crappy American horror, I try for some British horror instead. The Shout (1978) is an obscure example of post-Hammer horror from England I found out about while… Continue reading

Dumping Month claims The Forest (2016)

Studios have traditionally released their worst movies in January, and that includes The Forest (2016), unfortunately.  This movie stars the gorgeous Natalie Dormer and she is the only reason I saw this movie,… Continue reading

Frank Sinatra escapes on a train

Von Ryan’s Express (1965) is like The Great Escape (1963) on a train, but with more action and less character moments.  It’s hard to decide which of these two World War II movies… Continue reading

David Bowie is Andy Warhol

David Bowie really makes an impression as Andy Warhol, in a movie about painter Jean-Michel Basquiat’s life.  Bowie himself is not the main character, but he does have a few significant scenes as the… Continue reading

What the heck is the big deal about Mars?

Why is every movie about Mars?  Ever since NASA’s probe reached Mars back in 2000, there have been a lot of movies about Mars.  I guess cinema has been obsessed with Mars since… Continue reading

Black Mass – How many times can you say the f-word?

This movie is f-word overload and somewhere in there Johnny Depp is trying to act.  Okay, so this movie has pretty good acting, but it’s not The Godfather, although it tries to be.… Continue reading

#Sherlock the Christmas Special: A review that’s not a dream

The Sherlock Christmas Special starring Benedict Cumberbatch was jam-packed with plot elements and different, strange revelations, almost too many for me to keep up with.  Almost.  The Abominable Bride was broadcast on PBS and… Continue reading

Top 10 WORST movies of 2015

My list of the worst movies of 2015 is littered with disappointments and crap—just the kind of thing that gets me to sit down to write a stupid blog post.  From conception to… Continue reading

The Feel Good Spies

Somehow, Steven Spielberg makes the Cold War into a heartwarming tale of a lawyer turned government negotiator and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Tom Hanks is good as usual and… Continue reading

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