The Babadook versus It Follows

The Babadook versus It Follows Challenge A challenge has been made to decide on the champion of all independent horror movies, and these two movies are the contenders.  They were both celebrated to critical acclaim,… Continue reading

Native Americans quit Adam Sandler’s movie

Although I don’t usually cover movie news, this topic seems important enough to mention in a larger discussion about the progression of different cultures on screen.  Adam Sandler’s movie, The Ridiculous Six, began… Continue reading

Paul Newman is anti-establishment

Paul Newman summons the power of Steve McQueen, and goes to town being an anti-war, anti-establishment Jesus in Cool Hand Luke (1967).  This movie typified the 60s trend toward anti-heroes, and Paul Newman… Continue reading

Who is the angriest man in the world?

The angriest man in the world is Jack Rebney, the Winnebago Man, who inadvertently launched one of the most popular videos in history, propelling a young YouTube forward with his notoriety.  The Winnebago Man (2010)… Continue reading

I knew The Punisher (2004) was bad and watched it anyway

I knew from some reviews on the internet that The Punisher (2004) starring Thomas Jane was terrible, but largely tried to look for something positive in this awful movie, like I usually do… Continue reading

Batman v Superman funny trailer review

I don’t know if this trailer review is funny or just spot on, but it sure makes you think.  It makes me think about how Zach Snyder is treating the character of Superman,… Continue reading

Great Debate: Is Alien 3 that bad?

Years later, I look back on Alien 3 with a lot more respect than I used to.  It was panned all over the place when it first got released and nowadays, a LOT… Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes Marathon Through My Day

In my Sherlock Holmes marathon, I covered a lot of ground and went dizzy with Sherlock Holmes.  I watched Benedict Cumberbatch be overdramatic, I watched Jeremy Brett be hyper, and I watched several other… Continue reading

Top Ten Atomic Movies

These movies have to do with the BOMB! Yes, the BOMB in capital letters, as in a nuclear device.  The appeal or thrill in this type of movie comes from the remnants of… Continue reading

The music of The Firm (1993)

I really only watch this movie for the music of Dave Grusin, whose piano, rhythm and blues are one of the best scores ever done.  When director Sydney Pollack was hiring composers, I… Continue reading

Return of the Greatest Sherlock #4 = The Musgrave Award

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle puts “The Musgrave Ritual” very low on his list of favorite stories, mostly because it is slow and dull, but Jeremy Paul took that story and developed it into an award… Continue reading

The evolution of Roger Ebert and me

I recently saw the 2014 documentary Life Itself about the life of Roger Ebert, which made me wax nostalgic about family, friends, and movies.  I think I’ve been aware of Roger Ebert for… Continue reading

Right on the Money = #12Monkeys season finale

The last ten minutes of the season finale are the best yet, as Aaron Stanford is finally using his legs and Katarina is back to her crazy, depressed self we know so well.  Oh… Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes Marathon Announced – Apr 24

This April 24th, I’m going to sit right here with Sherlock Holmes and seek out the mysterious, the dramatic, and the familiar.  The familiar is Sherlock Holmes.  The dramatic is all those movies… Continue reading

Katarina and her hair save the future

Even though Katarina’s hair looks sorta weird, she does a good job this week saving Cole as the blond German doctor weirdo person, who is getting to be a very familiar part of… Continue reading

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