I got my It Follows on DVD !

I don’t know about you, but I got my copy of It Follows (2014) today and watched it all over again, listening to the amazing commentary.  The commentary is by Scott Weinberg from… Continue reading

X-Files Jan 24th Episode Title and Plot Details Revealed

As a big fan of The X-Files, I have been following the series revival for some time and have found a lot of interesting information.  I have never reviewed The X-Files episodes on this… Continue reading

REVIEW – Mr. Holmes (2015) is lonely

Mr. Holmes (2015) is the tale of Sherlock Holmes in his twilight years, and it doesn’t really differ from the book, except in one major area.  The movie has been changed, altered by Hollywood… Continue reading

The Greatest Sherlock Holmes becomes Feature Length

What happened when Jeremy Brett made his first feature-length episode?  A lot of good and bad.  When Brett finished his work on The Return of Sherlock Holmes, he was admitted to the hospital… Continue reading

Apocalypse Now versus Michael Bay’s piece of crap Pearl Harbor

Roger Ebert compared Pearl Harbor (2001) and Apocalypse Now Redux (2001) way back in 2001 when both movies came out, but he has too big a vocabulary to call Michael Bay’s movie a piece… Continue reading

The Lost Ending to The Shining discovered

I was just reading about the lost ending to The Shining on http://www.theoverlookhotel.com and it makes as much sense as the rest of the movie.  This lost epilogue was reportedly excised by Stanley… Continue reading

A Slight Trick of the Mind – A Book Review Ready for a Movie

I’ve been aware of this book for many years, that is to say, I’ve quietly ignored it, until it was recently thrust from my Sherlockian ‘shit list’ to my Sherlockian ‘best of list’,… Continue reading

Top Ten Symbols in The Silence of the Lambs

Everyone knows what this movie is about, but there are plenty of little things still hiding around the corner in every scene, just waiting to be discovered.  That’s what Roger Ebert said after… Continue reading

People in Session 9 (2001) are scared of the dark

Brad Anderson’s first horror movie was Session 9 in 2001 and you can’t ask for much more than what he delivered.  It has all the things I like in a horror movie, things… Continue reading

Great Debate: Do I have to throw out my Dukes of Hazzard cars?

The only thing I have with the Confederate flag on it is a set of Dukes of Hazzard cars, which was the most recognizable Dodge Charger in the world at one point.  I’m… Continue reading

Actor Christopher Walken tries to have a Brainstorm (1983)

This Christopher Walken movie reaches for something incredibly deep and meaningful, but doesn’t quite make it, although that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it.  In the same vein as Tron (1982) or War… Continue reading

Batman Begins turns 10 years old

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since this movie.  To be honest, I think this movie is underrated in the face of its much better brother, The Dark Knight, but it’s still… Continue reading

Celebrating Christopher Lee – Scream and Scream Again (1970)

With this post, I celebrate the great Christopher Lee with a crappy 1970s movie, which might seem disrespectful, but you’d be wrong!  In fact, I was anticipating this movie a great deal, seeing… Continue reading

Hey, Marvel already did a Dr. Strange movie, right?

33 years ago during the heyday of perms and bell-bottoms, CBS made a TV movie starring Peter Hooten as Dr. Strange, a man so boring he makes medical examinations look exciting.  Back in… Continue reading

Return of the Greatest Sherlock #7: Sherlock’s Deepest Thoughts of All

Holmes disappearing without a trace and sitting on a pile of cushions are apparently the two best things about this adaptation of “The Man with the Twisted Lip”.  That’s not an insult, because… Continue reading

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