The Final Girl Attacks: You’re Next (2013)

The Final Girl attacks! A new twist on the final girl cliche is the only thing You’re Next (2013) has going for it, besides a generic set of horror tropes, jumbled up into… Continue reading

Michael Myers Countdown: Copy the Copiers

Killer Party (1986) is NOT late to the party, as far as slasher movies go, but it puts a new twist on things I’ve seen in copies from other movies that have copied… Continue reading

Michael Myers Countdown: He Knows You’re Alone (1980)

I think I understand why Tom Hanks chose this script as his first ever acting project.  The script for He Knows You’re Alone (1980) actually has some character development (surprise) and good dialogue… Continue reading

Michael Myers Countdown: The Dorm That Dripped Cliches

The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982) is a fine example of a cash-in on the horror craze popularized by Halloween and Friday the 13th.  Released in 1982, this movie has all the hallmarks… Continue reading

Michael Myers Countdown: The Sleeper (2012) and a Joe Bob Cameo

It’s unbelievable how lucky I am.  Really.  I should play the lotto.  Joe Bob pops up on Shudder and I review all his movies, then he shows up as an actor in this… Continue reading

Michael Myers Countdown: Copycats!

So I didn’t have time to write up a full review, but I’ve been thinking about all those copycat movies inspired by the original Halloween.  There’s plenty of them, let me tell you. … Continue reading

Michael Myers Countdown: Return of the Fan-Film

The Spirit of Haddonfield was released for FREE on 10/1 to Youtube and it’s one of the better fan-films about Michael Myers and the Halloween movie series.  I can’t believe we’ve gotten two… Continue reading

Michael Myers Countdown: Do you actually like Halloween 4?

Is it so bad? Is it?  It doesn’t have any of the crap seen in later sequels, so I do enjoy some parts of Halloween 4.  Michael Myers certainly takes a beating, all… Continue reading

Did you watch the Magnum PI remake/cash-in?

The new Magnum PI on CBS has a brand new cast, a brand new Higgins, and a bunch of action-packed plot crap.  I will say that Magnum PI seems to have the familiar… Continue reading

Joe Bob Returns! Not the Last Drive-In After All, Even More Marathons!

Joe Bob plans to return later in the year thanks to the huge excitement around his most recent #LastDriveIn horror movie marathon.  This is great news.  Joe Bob is going to bring us… Continue reading

Summer of ’84 (2018) Review

Summer of ’84 (2018) is a coming-of-age movie about some teen boys investigating a story about a serial killer, who is hiding somewhere in their small town.  This film reeks of nostalgia but… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies #1 – Child’s Play, the True Story of Robert the Stuffed Doll

So I’ve delayed my Night of the Living dead review until October, in favor of answering a question I’ve always had about Child’s Play.  Namely, how the heck did they get this story… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies #2 – Never Hike Alone aka The Fan Film For Jason Voorhees Fans

Never Hike Alone (2017) is the awesome Friday the 13th film that fans have been craving for many years.  It’s boiled down to its essentials and deserves it’s place as #2 on this… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies #3 – The Hereditary (2018) Family Can’t Live With ‘Em Can’t Murder Them

We’re off to the races with a Family battling some sort of strange force that has a link to their bloodline, aka This Family Sucks.   The hype for this movie was intense.  INTENSE. … Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #4 – What did Quentin Tarantino Like About Patrick (1978)?

Quentin Tarantino loves the movie Patrick (1978) and referenced it in Kill Bill Vol 2.  Patrick is the story about a homicidal maniac who kills his parents and is kept alive in a… Continue reading

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