Dinners of Death 4: All the kills in Blood Rage #movies #cranberrysauce #horror

As predicted, the final film in the Joe Bob Dinners of Death marathon is Blood Rage (1987).  Not to be confused with Blood Feast (1963).  That’s not a Thanksgiving movie.  Blood Rage is… Continue reading

Dinners of Death 3 – Not the video game Dead or Alive

Takashi Miike’s Yakuza thriller Dead or Alive is one strange movie.  The first five minutes is some of the most trippy and confusing stuff I’ve seen in recent memory.  It’s like a David… Continue reading

Dinners of Death 2: Craven Copies Hooper

I never actually connected the dots because I’m dumb, but The Hills Have Eyes copies liberally from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  There’s a family on a roadtrip like in Chainsaw, they go into a… Continue reading

Dinners of Death 1: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most famous banned movies ever made.  I was told it was an embarrassing addition to the horror genre when I was growing up and I was… Continue reading

Dinners of Death! Airing 9PM EST

Shudder is going to air some horror movie fun with JOE BOB at 9pm EST after everybody’s stuffed with Turkey and dressing.  I’ll be covering all the great B-Movie awesomeness.  Rumors are that… Continue reading

Overlord (2018) Has Zombies or No Zombies?

Overlord (2018) is not World War II solders versus a bunch of zombies, right? Does it have zombies or not?  I don’t get it. I thought this was a story about World War… Continue reading

Ranking all 31 Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street Movies 20-11

The middle section has a mixed bag of movies that leave fans divided.  Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 alone leaves many, many fans arguing over just how good it is and both remakes fall… Continue reading

Ranking all 31 Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elmstreet Movies 31-21

This is the first in a series of posts ranking every single Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elmstreet movies ever made, starting with the worst.  These ten movies are the worst… Continue reading

Suspiria 2018 All Spoilers All Hidden Meanings

There’s certainly a lot of time to unravel the mysteries in Suspiria 2018, because the run time is such a slog to get through.  This movie has elements of guilt, feminism, The Cold… Continue reading

Suspiria 2018 Sneak Peek Review (No Spoilers)

The new Suspiria is an artsy fartsy remake using more political overtones, subplots up the ying-yang, and plenty of naked witches. It’s also much much longer than the original, jam-packed with colorful imagery… Continue reading

Another Evil tries to imitate Bill Murray

Another Evil (2017) is basically What About Bob? but not as effective.  What About Bob? works because we believe Bill Murray to be semi-harmless, and his sympathetic characters develops as the movie progresses,… Continue reading

Preservation 2014 is an anti-video game movie

Preservation 2014 is a survival horror movie in a genre that’s not often successful.  I’ve seen just about a half-dozen movies this year masquerading as survival horror, and most of them were terrible,… Continue reading

The Halloween 2018 Review with opinions

Halloween 2018 by David Gordon Green and his new pal John Carpenter is fan service.  I was really looking forward to this movie and now that I’ve seen it, I do think it’s… Continue reading

Great Debate: Defending Halloween 2

The new Halloween (2018) is out pretty soon and it ignores all of the sequels, which got me thinking about Halloween 2, the one John Carpenter hates.  Overall, Halloween 2 is a bad… Continue reading

The Final Girl Attacks: You’re Next (2013)

The Final Girl attacks! A new twist on the final girl cliche is the only thing You’re Next (2013) has going for it, besides a generic set of horror tropes, jumbled up into… Continue reading

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