Did you watch the Magnum PI remake/cash-in?

The new Magnum PI on CBS has a brand new cast, a brand new Higgins, and a bunch of action-packed plot crap.  I will say that Magnum PI seems to have the familiar… Continue reading

Joe Bob Returns! Not the Last Drive-In After All, Even More Marathons!

Joe Bob plans to return later in the year thanks to the huge excitement around his most recent #LastDriveIn horror movie marathon.  This is great news.  Joe Bob is going to bring us… Continue reading

Summer of ’84 (2018) Review

Summer of ’84 (2018) is a coming-of-age movie about some teen boys investigating a story about a serial killer, who is hiding somewhere in their small town.  This film reeks of nostalgia but… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies #1 – Child’s Play, the True Story of Robert the Stuffed Doll

So I’ve delayed my Night of the Living dead review until October, in favor of answering a question I’ve always had about Child’s Play.  Namely, how the heck did they get this story… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies #2 – Never Hike Alone aka The Fan Film For Jason Voorhees Fans

Never Hike Alone (2017) is the awesome Friday the 13th film that fans have been craving for many years.  It’s boiled down to its essentials and deserves it’s place as #2 on this… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies #3 – The Hereditary (2018) Family Can’t Live With ‘Em Can’t Murder Them

We’re off to the races with a Family battling some sort of strange force that has a link to their bloodline, aka This Family Sucks.   The hype for this movie was intense.  INTENSE. … Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #4 – What did Quentin Tarantino Like About Patrick (1978)?

Quentin Tarantino loves the movie Patrick (1978) and referenced it in Kill Bill Vol 2.  Patrick is the story about a homicidal maniac who kills his parents and is kept alive in a… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #5 – Hatchet (2006) chops stuff

Hatchet (2006) throws blood against a tree to see what sticks. Adam Green created this slasher movie in honor of his favorite genre movies of the 80s, like Friday the 13 and Nightmare… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #6 – Frailty (2001)

I finally got the chance to get through a full screening of the 99 minute movie Frailty (2001), starring Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, and child actors up the ying yang.  This movie confuses me… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #7 – Something old and something new in Dead Night (2017)

Dead Night (2017) is not your usual horror movie where kids go camping and get killed, no there’s a lot more demented surprises in store for our happy campers. The first surprise is… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #8 – Steven Yeun Channels The Crazies

Mayhem (2017) closely resembles (I won’t say rips off) The Crazies (1973) and gives new meaning the phrase ‘hostile work environment’.  It stars Steven Yeun as Derek Cho, the corporate Everyman.  This movie… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #9 – Low-Budget Virus Fighting Invites The Crazies

The Crazies (1973) is a low-budget Survive the Virus movie directed by crazy George Romero.  The cast of this crazy movie is pretty low-budget, and the lines are written to match.  Fun, right? … Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #10 – William Shatner and the Kingdom of the Spiders

John Cardos and William Shatner met at a Save the Trees convention (not Star Trek), and Cardos helped The Shat with his next car payment by signing him up for this movie. Just… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #11 – In The Backwoods with Gary Oldman

The title of this movie should be changed to Gary Oldman’s Copycat Deliverance.  Gary Oldman owed someone a favor because he’s the best thing about this movie and that’s not really a complement… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #12 – Tucker and Dale vs Evil

This is the biggest formula movie of them all.  It’s a horror comedy, starring Tyler Labine as the “evil” Dale and Alan Tudyk as Tucker.   You may remember Alan as the off-color Brit… Continue reading

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