Top Ten Ways you want The Walking Dead season 5 to end

This is a post combining my click-bait obsession with my Walking Dead obsession, the best of both worlds.  The Walking Dead has been striving for something original throughout season 5, but now that we’re… Continue reading

Death Wish (1974) inspires primal rage and fear

Death Wish (1974) is not fun, and it’s not an action movie, but it makes you question just what effect crime has on the psyche.  Charles Bronson plays Paul Kersey, and he demonstrates… Continue reading

The Mechanic “fixes” all your problems

The Mechanic (1972) is an entertaining Charles Bronson film, if not generic.  It begins with one of the most straightforward premises in the history of premises: Bronson is a hired killer who kills… Continue reading

What movies are on your crappy on-demand this week? #3

This week on my crappy on-demand service, my stupid cable company is offering some old movies and some obscure stupid ones too.  There’s a sparse amount of choices this week and a couple… Continue reading

7 billion people or your family – Decisions, Decisions

In the latest episode of 12 Monkeys on SyFy, Ramsey wakes up and tries to protect his son, thinking this time travel crap is never going to work.  It’s one thing to decide… Continue reading

Why can’t anyone find and see this friggin movie?

I wanted to see this new movie called It Follows (2015), which is much-hyped and blah blah, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  And when I actually did find it, I couldn’t buy… Continue reading

Do you want red wine with your grilled dinosaur?

If you got lost in The Land that Time Forgot (1975), would you shoot a dinosaur and eat it?  That’s exactly what happens in this terrible 1975 film.  I think the movie creators… Continue reading

Top Ten Movies That I could watch over and over

I could watch these ten movies every day for as long as I have a television and a DVD player.  Well, maybe not every day, but there’s something about these movies that makes… Continue reading

One of these characters will die #TheWalkingDead

I have the feeling that more of The Walking Dead cast is due up for a brutal death, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of those on this list.  I guess I know… Continue reading

The Downward Spiral of The Walking Dead isn’t bad TV at all #TheWalkingDead

In total, this episode shows us that the characters on this show are the most un-lucky people on Earth. This episode reminded me of the season four episode where everything went down the… Continue reading

What’s on On-Demand #2?

This week, I return back to my cable company’s crappy On-Demand service to see what they have in store for me, the movie watcher.  To be honest, I don’t expect much out this… Continue reading

At #1 – The Best Star Trek: The Next Generation episode

At the top of my top ten Next Generation countdown is the best episode ever made, Yesterday’s Enterprise, guest-starring Denise Crosby, Christopher McDonald, and Tricia O’Neill.  This episode has everything classic Star Trek… Continue reading

It’s time for the confusion report – Tomorrow and Yesterday

The future’s fancy time machine breaks down and now the characters actually have to deal with the story, instead of dancing around it all day.  Ramsey and his pals have to deal with… Continue reading

The masterpiece of The Third Man (1949) (yes, there’s allegory)

Before there was film noir, there was The Third Man (1949).  Before there were shadowy thrillers as common as dirt, there was The Third Man.  Before the abstract, the twist ending, and the… Continue reading

Amazing Rise in Ratings for Walking Dead & 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys and The Walking Dead are polar opposites in terms of ratings and success, but both are on the rise.  The next announcement I hope I read is the renewal of 12… Continue reading

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