31 Days of Horror – #22 – The Prowler stalks (slowly)

Joe Bob said it took six writers to polish off this crappy slasher, but it’s hard to believe you need six people to write direction for a young woman to wander around a… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #23 – Daughters of Darkness aka The Art House of Lesbian Vampires

Daughters of Darkness is the most artsy fartsy vampire movie ever made, complete with “bad accordion music”, “seaside resort sex”, and a “high-society-corrupting-the-youth allegory”.  Yippie.  It’s part of Joe Bob’s Last Drive-In Movie… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #24 – Surprise! Blood Feast Has Some Gore #joebob #horror #movies #bloodfeast

Joe Bob explains that this movie of blood-splatter and Playboy playmates is historical.  Yep, we’re going BACK to the ones in the marathon we’ve missed!  Blood Feast was released in 1963 to the… Continue reading

The Last Drive In Goes On Demand

Shudder celebrates Joe Bob’s horror movie marathon by putting the whole list on demand on their channel, Shudder.com.  This is great news!  I missed a few because I actually have to sleep, now… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #25 – Pieces Review #joebob #pieces #movies #horror

Joe Bob’s horror marathon concludes (forever?) with Pieces (1982), but the 31 Days of Horror continues. I’ve skipped a couple of movies on Joe Bob’s marathon because I need to actually eat but… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #26 – Raise Hell with Pinhead JoeBob #joebob #hellraiser

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser is one of the most memorable horror movies ever made, therefore it makes Joe Bob’s marathon. So I’m watching it all over again.  This one small scene makes me think… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #27 – Is it Dario Argento or Bava’s Demons? #joebob #horror #movies

Don’t think too hard about this movie, or it’ll break your brain.  This is an Italian counter-culture movie because it’s horror and has heavy metal music.  One of the biggest mysteries of this… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #28 – The Underdog of Re-Animating Dead Corpses #joebob

All my life, I’ve avoided the movie Re-Animator.  From the day I became interested in horror movies, I’ve always felt this movie was one step below movies like Return of the Living Dead,… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #29 – Rabid #joebob

The next movie on Joe Bob’s horror marathon is a David Cronenberg classic.  Rabid has a twisted take on human disease and sexuality, but it’s really interesting and has some subtle elements which… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #30 – Sleepaway Camp #joebob

I’ve always wondered why this movie is a cult classic.  I’m guessing it’s because of the strange elements which make it unique.  The standout performance is Felissa Rose as Angela, who was warped… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies – #31 – Tourist Trap #joebob

The 31 Days of Halloween movie marathon returns this year with the 5th Annual review outing and the first movie on tap is Tourist Trap (1979).   Tourist Trap is a Chuck Connor’s special. … Continue reading

How did Joe Bob crash Shudder and blow up the internet?

Apparently a lot of people tried to stream the 24 hour horror marathon and crashed Shudder, the subscription service where Joe Bob is hosting his horror marathon.  I can’t watch horror movies unfortunately… Continue reading

Great Debate: Is 2010 a good movie? #2001 #spaceodyssey #movies

2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984) was on TCM the other day, and it got me thinking about my opinion and what Roger Ebert said about this movie.  I’m not sure how… Continue reading

Wake In Fright (1971) – Prepare to be Disturbed, Mate #movies #aussiemovies

Wake In Fright (1971) stars Gary Bond as John, who descends into debauchery while trying to escape a mad, Australian town.  This gem is directed by Ted Kotcheff, the guy who would later go… Continue reading

Chappie (2015) is a big joke and that’s life. Huh? #movies

As someone once said, there are hits and there are misses, then there are misses.  Big misses.  I think this movie can best be described as a jumbled junk movie or maybe a… Continue reading

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