Ford v Ferrari review

Ford v Ferrari (2019) is a great movie and highlights some people who were part of Ford’s success against Ferrari in the 60s.  I certainly didn’t know many of the crew and the… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 31: Suspiria’s Impressionist Color

Suspiria is a horrific coloring book that sparks the audience’s emotions with technicolor reds, blues, and yellows.  Director Dario Argento used several tricks to saturate his film with primary colors, having them interact… Continue reading

31 Days of Horror – 31 – Hellraiser’s Religion #pinhead

Cenobite is a religious term meaning a person who belongs to a religious order, like a monk.  Why was this term chosen by Clive Barker?  The demons, the Cenobites, are a “religious” order… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 30 – Psycho 2, the better sequel

Psycho is an untouchable piece of art, but that didn’t stop Psycho 2 back in the 80s.  The movie not only recalls the famous Psycho shower scene by using the actual footage, but… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 29 – Does is really creep your flesh?

The Creeping Flesh is a pseudo-Hammer film made by Tigon pictures in 1970, starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  This is the last gasp of the old style horror movies, with a touch… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 28 – God Told Me To (1972)

Not to be blasphemous or anything, but I wish God had told me not to see this movie.  I could do without a religious lesson.  This movie is very divisive, with some critics… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 27 – The real Lighthouse (2019)

The Lighthouse (2019 version) is trippy.  It seems to be telling the famous story of the Smalls Island lighthouse, but that’s debatable because everything in this movie is reflective of either Greek myth… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 26 – The Dunwich Horror

The Dunwich Horror is an H.P Lovecraft story brought to life in a cheesy 1970s movie.  It’s very dated and it seems out of the 60s.  It stars Dead Stockwell and Sandra Dee,… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 25 – Joe Bob’s Halloween featuring Michael Myers

What caused Michael Myers to leave his humanity behind and become a cold-blooded killer? Rob Zombie found out what happens when you answer that question, but doing so is a no-win scenario.  People… Continue reading

Joe Bob Special Feature! Halloween Hootenanny

Joe Bob is back on Shudder streaming movies just in time for Halloween.  If you don’t have this service, I think it’s good, because they have lots of new crap to stream, like… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 24: Some vampires are velvet

This movie proves that hippies like to visit the desert.  Because that’s the only logic to explain this silly movie, as some hippies are lured in by The Lady in Red, the vampire… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 23 – Lady Frankenstein #frankenstein

Lady Frankenstein is a crazy Italian take on Frankenstein.  Yeah, those crazy Italians, always up to something.  Despite it being an Italian movie, the cast is full of Americans like Joseph Cotton, famous… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 22 – University loses King Tut and gets only a horror movie as a result

There were plenty of horror movies in the 80s that tried to reinvent the classic monsters, and Time Walker was one of those.   American Werewolf in London and the Howling were pretty successful… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 21 – Murders in the Rue Morgue and the forgotten Gordon Hessler #aip

Gordon Hessler directed three horror films in the early 70s, creating a true transitional series, giving way to more modern horror movies.  Hessler approached his movies from a different perspective than most of… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – 20 – Forbidden World (1982) Sleazy Sci-Fi Shenanigans #sleazy #scifi

Forbidden World (1982) is a Roger Corman movie that rips off other movies for a quick buck.  And it’s beyond sleazy.  Big surprise, right?  First, the title of this movie tricks you into… Continue reading

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