What did Josiah see?

Robert Patrick stars in the most bleak, grim movie of the year. This movie is basically about Christian revenge. Or “righting a great wrong”, as Patrick puts it early in the movie, as… Continue reading

Top Ten Things you you didn’t notice in NOPE

Nope (2022) is an interesting movie with many layers. It can be seen as a simple movie about an alien monster or you can go deeper, as the movie contains complex themes. It’s… Continue reading

William Shatner battles Ernest Borgnine and John Travolta

Written by stoners, The Devil’s Rain (1975) is incoherent and ridiculous, but has an interesting historical context. That’s because this terrible B-Movie is filled with huge Hollywood stars, who starred in this movie… Continue reading

Trailer for Ti West’s Pearl (2022) drops

Unbelievably, the trailer for Ti West’s Pearl came out this week. I thought the sequel to X (2022) was further off but I was dead wrong! Not only is this a full trailer… Continue reading

Nope (2022) instant surprise

Nope (2022) could be the most surprising movie this year. Director Jordan Peele does his best work taking well-worn concepts like UFO sightings in a new direction but uses a more conventional storytelling… Continue reading

Indy Horror Weekend Bonus: Fall of Usher (2021)

Brian Cunningham’s Fall of Usher (2022) is about a man driven insane by caring for the sick and dying. There are themes of grief, illness, family, and Edgar Allan Poe (of course), the… Continue reading

Indy Horror Weekend: The horror of carpet cleaning

A horror movie about the people who clean up murder scenes is unique but that’s not necessarily enough to make it good. Director Ty Leisher fills up The 11th Hour Cleaning (2022) with… Continue reading

Indy Horror Weekend: The Summoned 2022 Review

The Summoned (2022) loves myth and drama, which is not necessarily a good thing. You can sorta see the inklings of an exposition problem in the trailer, where the characters are spouting off… Continue reading

Indy Horror Weekend Announced

We’ve got some indy horror movies coming to you soon, and maybe you want to check these movies out too! Indy horror has got my attention this week, but there’s a bigger horror… Continue reading

Maika Monroe watches the watcher

Maika Monroe’s new feminist movie Watcher (2022) has some great tension and a unique setting. Monroe plays a newly married woman named Julia, who has moved to Romania with her husband, after he… Continue reading

Satire 1958

How to Make a Monster (1958) shouldn’t be taken at face value, but offers commentary on the monster movies of the 30s and 40s, plus other clever critiques of movies in general. American… Continue reading

You Were Never Here

Joaquin Phoenix plays Joe, who has serious PTSD, and thinks his very existence doesn’t really matter—it hasn’t mattered to anyone for as long as he’s been alive. He works as a hired gun… Continue reading

Montreal is not dreary or American enough

Deadfall (2012) is a curiosity for two reasons, the declining career of Eric Bana and a terrible Michigan setting. This movie behaves a lot like Fargo, in that it takes place during the… Continue reading

Under the Radar: All my friends hate me (2022)

All My Friends Hate Me (2022) is a stupid Brit indy film, brave enough to use the Doobie Brothers in the opening scene. At first, I thought I was in for a nostalgia… Continue reading

Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee Team up

In one of his last appearances, Boris Karloff appears with Christopher Lee in the psychedelic, hippy, groovy film The Crimson Cult (1968). The 60s were an interesting time for horror movies, and Hammer… Continue reading

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