Ambiguity of the Movies: Kubrick, David Lynch, and Christopher Nolan #twinpeaks #movies #tv

I’ve been thinking about Twin Peaks for a bit now, letting the ambiguity of it all wash over me, and it reminds me of some other ambiguity and its purpose.  I say this… Continue reading

Twin Peaks Finale – The last home you’ll never know

I didn’t expect the last episode of Twin Peaks to be the most symbolic ever made.  Agent Cooper returned last episode and is now hot on the quest to save the day, to… Continue reading

Twin Peaks – Return of You Know Who

I can tell from the amount of views I’m getting and the ratings in general, that Twin Peaks is not devouring the biggest viewing audience.  There may be a whole lot of factors… Continue reading

The best moments of the Mayweather vs MacGregor fight – Why did we buy this?

Ok so right off, my least favorite moment of the fight was when I realized the hype had suckered me into spending 89.99 to watch a professional beat an amateur, but I guess… Continue reading

Twin Peaks ep 15 – Fire Walk with David Bowie #davidbowie #tv

In this episode, David Bowie makes an appearance as a tea kettle.  Nuff said.  Evil Cooper finally tracks down David Bowie and asks him all the questions we’ve been waiting to have answered… Continue reading

X-Files Season 11 Filming – Truth is, Skinner is back with the Beard!

It’s now official, The X-Files season 11 is filming and Skinner sports a beard.  Again.  David Duchovny has his own trailer.  Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose are returning as their young FBI agent… Continue reading

Twin Peaks Episode 14: Who do you think that is there?

Fire Walk With Me is a mysterious philosophical movie created by David Lynch to explain self-actualization and episode 14.  I guess if you haven’t figured it out by now, David Lynch is obsessed… Continue reading

Is Tobin Bell in Saw 8? Hey look, spoilers

MovieWeb published some news back on July 23 about Saw 8 aka Saw: Legacy aka the next Saw movie to grab your money, and I’m just catching up now.  Apparently, Tobin Bell has… Continue reading

Twin Peaks – Episode 13 – Hey, I’m not gonna take this anymore

It’s hard to place the theme of Twin Peaks, Episode 13, but I guess if I’d have to choose, I’d say this episode shows how characters are at their wits end.  This is… Continue reading

Twin Peaks #12 – What is a Stall Episode? #tv

Mark Frost and David Lynch really have a laugh giving us Twin Peaks episode 12, a stall episode to end all stall episodes.  What is a stall episode?  A stall or stretch TV… Continue reading

Twin Peaks episode 11 practices reverse psycho-dreamology

Once upon a time, Cooper loved cherry pie, then he forgot he loved cherry pie, so some wise spirits who live above a Convenience Store reminded him he loved cherry pie, thereby saving… Continue reading

Dunkirk (2017) tries to quiet war

Dunkirk (2017) is a well-written film, with threads of plot and action weaving through three separate structures, quietly merging into a nicely woven full story.  I could not believe how quiet this movie… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween…zombies?

Yes I’ll be doing another 31 days of Halloween movie reviews, and I’ve been toying with the idea of watching 31 zombie movies.  Could be fun.  Could be annoying as hell.  And yes,… Continue reading

Blade Runner 2049 trailer #2 reveals spoilers

Blade Runner 2049’s second trailer seems to be telegraphing the twist, as if trying to yank us into the theater with an interesting concept.   Ok, everybody who loves Blade Runner is going… Continue reading

Martin Landau and George Romero pass away #holycrap

Wow, Martin Landau and George Romero pass away over the weekend.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand why Landau never received that top billing, but I guess if you have to be a… Continue reading

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