The Ring AND The Blair Witch Project RETURN

So I just learned that The Ring AND Blair Witch sequels are both getting 2016 releases.  They are both pseudo-sequels to popular movies from a while back, The Ring in 2002 and The… Continue reading

How bad is Star Trek V? Where are the good parts?

Okay, so Star Trek V is a bad movie.  We know that already.  It’s got stupid and corny acting and the effects stink, but are there any good parts?  So begins The Search for… Continue reading

The Lobster (2015) has satire, a confusing ending, and metaphors – GOOD STUFF

The Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos has given us a droll satire criticizing relationships and the black and white world in which we live.  It’s extremely smart and very funny.  It’s not funny in… Continue reading

Blood Father (2016) Review

A father helping a daughter in trouble is a cliché, but Blood Father (2016) does it right.   I think Mel Gibson knew everybody was going to watch how well he performed in this movie,… Continue reading

Opening This Week 8/11

I actually watched some movie trailers this week since I missed Suicide Squad, and I think this week’s prospects might have a couple of surprises. 5.  Ben-Hur = This crappy movie has been hyped… Continue reading

Summing Fears #sumofallfears

Is a nuclear bomb more scary than Ben Affleck’s acting?  It could be, because The Sum of All Fears is one movie where Affleck isn’t all bad.  Unfortunately, the bomb nukes some people to… Continue reading

Suicide Squad Predictions – #boxoffice

Two weeks ago, sites like Variety were reporting Suicide Squad was going to rake in upwards of 100 million opening weekend, but now that prediction has changed.  Forbes predicts “north of” 125 million… Continue reading

Freddy vs Jason (2003) … Remembered

I saw Freddy vs Jason opening night and it was like being at a packed football game.  The showing was completely sold out and the crowd was really into it.  The laughed at… Continue reading

Top Ten Movie Theme Music

Okay, so you’ve got a franchise, but do you have a catchy theme song or piece? The music is part of getting people to enjoy and remember your movie, whether it’s classical or… Continue reading

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond (2016) is entertaining, it’s just really forgettable.  This movie is maybe comparable to Star Trek Insurrection or Star Trek Nemesis because it’s a one-shot deal, except Beyond has better effects.… Continue reading

Blair Witch Returns #movies

This week at San Diego Comic Con, a sequel was announced to the original Blair Witch Project, a movie that’s been hidden under the pseudonym entitled The Woods.  The Blair Witch Project worked mostly because… Continue reading

The Red Forest Breakfast Blend is Good Stuff #12Monkeys

Memory of Tomorrow expanded the scope of 12 Monkeys and made me realize that The Red Forest drink is stronger than a Starbucks espresso.  Our hero Cole drinks this special concoction to go back… Continue reading

Rabid Voltron fans…form feet and legs!

Voltron returns on Netflix and who ever thought this anime/cartoon/nostalgia trip could be so awesome?  Netflix released 13 episodes of their new Voltron series a while back and I recently got to watch… Continue reading

Puppet Meister (1989)

Puppet Master (1989) is so slow that it features people sleeping.  That’s one of the first scenes.  A guy is nodding off and wakes up to the intense action of people walking.  People… Continue reading

What is Wisteria Lodge? (Jeremy Brett Knows) #sherlockholmes

The Return of Sherlock Holmes episode “Wisteria Lodge” aired in April of 1988, but it differs more than any other Jeremy Brett’s adventures from Conan Doyle’s canon.  There are several problems with the… Continue reading

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