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Greatest Sherlock Holmes: Who is The Illustrious Client?

The Illustrious Client is a Sherlock Holmes short story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about a mysterious person who hires Sherlock Holmes to stop an evil, evil man.  Pretty simple.  The episode… Continue reading

The End of Sherlock Holmes

Ok so I’ve been pretty depressed over the last episode to Benedict Cumberbun’s Sherlock, because I didn’t enjoy the story, but I did start beaming and smiling at one particular moment, which was… Continue reading

Jeremy Brett versus Culverton Smith

I wonder if Benedict Cumberbun watched Jeremy Brett’s version of “The Dying Detective”, because it’s a good adaptation of the Canon.  There are small things changed for TV, but I’m guessing people are… Continue reading

Who is Sherlock’s sister? The Culverton Review

You know, we get over-the-top Sherlock Holmes where Cumberbun is more psychotic by the second, then we get this episode, which is even worse.  I actually thought it was decent in spots, but… Continue reading

Sherlock Series 4 Premiere: How much Canon can we reference?

I will say that the Sherlock series 4 premiere was pretty good, and any complaints I have about Sherlock Holmes being psychotic or the show becoming Mission Impossible really is nitpicking.  The first… Continue reading

Greatest Sherlock Holmes: Lady Carfax

I think this is the first really terrible episode done in the Brett series, which is partly the fault of the production and Conan Doyle himself.  As a story, The Disappearance of Lady Carfax… Continue reading

What is Wisteria Lodge? (Jeremy Brett Knows) #sherlockholmes

The Return of Sherlock Holmes episode “Wisteria Lodge” aired in April of 1988, but it differs more than any other Jeremy Brett’s adventures from Conan Doyle’s canon.  There are several problems with the… Continue reading

TV Flashback: Sherlock Holmes in the 50s

Can Sherlock Holmes solve a mystery in 24 minutes?  I had to find out, so I watched this 50s TV show starring  Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes and Howard Marion Crawford as Watson.  Howard’s… Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes finds a horse

Sherlock Holmes does some detective work as he tries to find a horse named “Silver Blaze”.  This story was published in 1892 and is one of the more popular Sherlock Holmes tales, though… Continue reading

Was Sherlock Holmes Bad at Playing the Violin? #sherlock

Seems to me that somebody that practices so much and buys a Stradivarius is compensating for something.  Violins and violin playing is mentioned in a lot of the original Sherlock Holmes stories and… Continue reading

What are the Bruce-Partington Plans?

The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans feels like a precursor to the modern spy thriller and it’s a fun Sherlock Holmes story.  It’s inspired by real life crimes around 1905 and 1907, and has… Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes and a pearl of DEATH

A pearl of death usually isn’t good.  This 1944 Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes adventure is a decent one, although the series is declining into B-Movie country at this point.  I say decent, because there’s… Continue reading

#Sherlock the Christmas Special: A review that’s not a dream

The Sherlock Christmas Special starring Benedict Cumberbatch was jam-packed with plot elements and different, strange revelations, almost too many for me to keep up with.  Almost.  The Abominable Bride was broadcast on PBS and… Continue reading

This Movie Comes to DVD and It’s Like Watching History

The 1916 film Sherlock Holmes starring William Gillette was thought lost forever, but it was recently found and restored to a masterpiece.  I’ve finally got my own copy on DVD. The restored movie premiered… Continue reading

Return of the Greatest Sherlock: Devil’s Feet and Philosophy

Jeremy Brett’s run in The Return of Sherlock Holmes is underrated, and there are so many good episodes, like The Devil’s Foot, filmed in 1988.  In this episode, there are a lot of… Continue reading

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