The Lost Ending to The Shining discovered

shining14I was just reading about the lost ending to The Shining on and it makes as much sense as the rest of the movie.  This lost epilogue was reportedly excised by Stanley Kubrick shortly after the film’s debut, and the short scene contains a conversation between Mr. Ullman, Wendy, and Danny.  

If you remember, Mr. Ullman was Jack’s boss in the film and the smarmy guy who hired him in the first place.  The epilogue takes place in a hospital, where Mr. Ullman is checking on Wendy and Danny.  First, he tells them that Jack’s body was never found.  This is not explained.  However, it could be that Mr. Ullman is lying about a great many things.

He dismisses Wendy’s horrific experiences and reports that the police didn’t find anything there to support her story.  No buckets of blood.  No dead bodies.  No nothing, apparently.  He then gives a yellow ball to Danny before departing, which is significant because it is the same yellow ball that lured him into room 237.  This implies Mr. Ullman is in on the joke.

Why is Mr. Ullman evil?  Why does he lure Jack and his family into the hotel death-trap?  Who knows.  This is just more inane, unexplainable crap related to this movie.  How does this epilogue help the movie?  I don’t get why it was there in the first place.  Maybe that’s what Stanley Kubrick thought.