Top 10 Movies People Love to Hate

These movies are polarizing, and people love to hate them.  Fact is, people are going to have different opinions on whether they like a movie or not, but I think these ten movies have a lot of haters.  I’ve tried not to just list crappy B-Movies like Battlefield Earth, but movies everyone can remember as being a big disappointment or being so controversial, they won’t shut up about them.  A lot of people can’t stop talking about these movies and debating how “good” or “bad” they are, but you know you’ve got a crappy winner when the “debate” becomes a general consensus.  Let’s see if these qualify:

10.  Titanic – Originally, I was going to put 2001: A Space Odyssey as number ten because of how divisive it is, but at least that’s art.  Titanic is just romantic schlock, dividing men and woman on how good it is (Hint, men usually hate it).  Plain and simple.  And it’s a cash grab on the Titanic craze advent in the 90s.  The only good thing it’s got going for it is the cast, which is at least filled with veterans and up-and-comers.  Except for Billy Zane, who acts like an idiot.

9.  Quantum of Solace – The general consensus is that this is the worst of the modern James Bond movies starring Daniel Craig.  It’s got an overly complicated plot and action that doesn’t really gel.   Most of the action goes on for way too long and it’s repetitive, which they learned from in Skyfall and Spectre thankfully.  Still, I can at least have it playing when I’m at the computer, so it’s not THAT annoying, like Die Another Day annoying, but it’s still not the best Daniel Craig Bond movie.  I think everyone can agree on that.

8.  The Blair Witch Project – Personally, I like this movie, and I think it’s a classic.  Why is it on this list then?  Because people love to hate it.  They love to insult the low-budget, the dialogue and the fact that there’s no monster.  Basically, everything that makes it good.  I guess this could have been the number one movie people love to hate on a few years ago, but since then, we’ve gotten Transformers (thanks Michael Bay) and more dumb superhero movies than you can shake a stick at.

7.  Gigli (2003) – This movie (and Daredevil (2003)) are the reasons why people hate Ben Affleck.  They turned to Gigli and Daredevil as reasons why Affleck could never be Batman.  He’ll never be a good Batman, they said.  He was in that crappy Daredevil movie, they said.  Well, he’s Batman folks.  Do they still remember Gigli?  

6.  Halloween (2007) and Halloween 2 – People hate on Rob Zombie like there’s no tomorrow.  You’d think the original Halloween was a work of art done by Picasso.  It’s a slasher movie folks.  When the remake was announced, droves of John Carpenter fanboys came out of the woodwork, but I think it died down after it came out.  Generally, the remake isn’t horrible (in my opinion, cough cough), like the Garfield movie or Snakes on a Plane or something.  I mean, it’s not The Godfather, but at least it’s okay.  Halloween 2 is a different story.  That’s a really bad movie.  Did Rob Zombie watch Blade Runner before making it? Dream sequences? White horses? What?

5.  Catwoman – This is the original black sheep of the superhero genre.  Not even Superman IV or the original Fantastic Four are as bad as this one (really), mostly because it has nothing to do with the real Catwoman character from DC Comics.  They changed her origin, her costume, and her supporting characters.  They changed everything good about Catwoman.  What we’re left with is crap.

4.  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2005) – The stupidest scene in this one is when Sam’s hot girlfriend catches him with another hot girl, who’s really a Transformer monster or something.  Anyway, she tries to kill him and Sam spends the rest of the movie trying to get Megan Fox back.  Unfortunately, Fox tries to act.  Guess how that turns out.  Generally, this is the ONE film you can always count on being in the dollar bin (back when people bought movies) or in the dirt cheap category if you go to On Demand (back when people used On-Demand)

3.  Waterworld – This is the movie that made Kevin Costner look stupid.  It’s hard to imagine he used to be a big, big star, and nobody else could sell a movie like him.  Robin Hood Prince of Thieves made money on his name alone.  Maybe it was the power that went to his head.  Frankly, I will never watch this movie again.  If I wanted to see a bunch of people zipping back and forth across the water at Universal Studios, I’d go to Florida.  The sets in this movie are cheap.  How did anyone think this was a good idea?

batman12. Batman and Robin (1997) – If Catwoman started the bad superhero movie craze, then Batman and Robin solidified what a stupid superhero movie is.  Everything about this movie is either campy, horrible, or just plain wrong.  Everything.  There are whole websites devoted to running down this movie, so I don’t need to go into it.  Besides, it’s so bad, the director apologized for it.  That’s how bad it is.

  1.  Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace –  George Lucas never apologized for this one, although maybe he should have.  The closest we ever got to an apology is when he said this one was really “made for kids”.  Uhh, yeah right.  Romance and decapitation and complicated politics.  Just what kids want.  Idiot.  People by the thousands love to hate this movie, and I can’t think of any other movie EVER MADE that people have hated more than this one.  Even Plan 9 From Outer Space or Troll 2 can be appreciated in a “so bad it’s good” sort of way, but Phantom Menace is only disappointing in a “hey, you ruined my childhood” sort of way.  Is that going too far?