The changing origins of Godzilla and Kong

Part of me wants to sit back and just enjoy Godzilla versus Kong, but the other part of me wants to really think about what it’s doing. First of all, it’s a fun movie. It’s entertaining. There’s action and drama and comedy and all the other crap you need to have a successful movie. The characters are decent and the heroes act like heroes. It cuts away a lot of the meat and delivers just a plain action entertainment experience. And that’s all. But don’t fool yourself, because this movie has an agenda, just like many others—it’s just a lot more careful about it. The movie franchise writers and the director have taken Godzilla and Kong and shaped them into their own versions of action, entertainment stars, so the franchise is alive with modern day thinking, which is going to earn money. These guys are smart. And it’s worked, obviously.

What the hell am I talking about? Let’s consider for a second who the heroes of Godzilla vs Kong really are. The heroes aren’t any of the human characters, that’s for sure. It’s Godzilla and Kong. People love these guys. There’s millions of dollars invested into Godzilla toys and pillows for god’s sake. That’s the modern day dilemma these movie makers are facing, because you can’t create a movie where your main characters look like crap. It just won’t work.

I’ve always known Godzilla as the allegory for man’s destructive power. Born from the atom bomb, Godzilla destroyed Tokyo with the full force of his allegory power, showing everybody just what real destruction is and what the impacts are from playing around with science we don’t really understand. That character is dead. He’s not in Godzilla vs Kong. Remember, everybody loves Godzilla now. Little kids play with him and bash his little toy into other dumber, uglier monsters. Godzilla has to be a hero, and the movie makes sure to point out why he’s attacking, because there’s a bigger threat that nobody’s aware of except the bigass monster, so that’s why he’s swimming all over being all angry. It just looks like he’s being totally evil. Kong just gets in the way and there’s some fighting. No biggie.

The King Kong story picks up from Skull Island, and veers off into la la land. I was on board with the Godzilla monster hero thing. I was okay with it. But these guys take it a step further, and argue that Kong and Godzilla are from a long lineage of badasses born in Hollow Earth, where they’ve fought with picks and axes for thousands of years, so that really puts the original allegory backstory to bed, doesn’t it? The two don’t mix. Godzilla can’t be an allegory and be an entertainment star from Hollow Earth at the same time. It doesn’t work. Godzilla won’t be a hero if he’s a destructive allegory, so that’s out. The new backstory also screws with King Kong, and we can stop calling him the 8th wonder of the world, because now he’s from a long line of King Kongs, with a family and everything. Even a Grandma. He’s not unique. He’s not even from Skull Island like we thought. His mom and dad are Hollow Earth folks, immigrating on a boat many, many years ago. Godzilla’s father used to cut a tunnel through the friggin Earth using his bad breath and send letters. Yeah, I’m sorta making fun of it now. That’s how stupid this new origin is.

I can suspend a little disbelief but this movie just flies off into stupid land in order to support the action entertainment franchise, and the almighty dollar. I get that. Some things are going to change, but I just thought the direction they went with was about as silly as it gets. Hollow Earth as a general concept is pretty silly. The only thing that tops it is when Godzilla cuts a hole through miles of rock and magma to Kong’s family home. I get it, the Earth is made up of rock. But it’s also made up of hot magma and other crap that’s really really volatile, which is why we get Earthquakes and other garbage. Don’t even get me started on the gravity crap in this movie. Do I need to turn off my brain and act like a third grader to enjoy this movie?

Overall, this movie is fluff. It’s made for fast-paced entertainment and our new modern culture, which is why it changes the origin of Godzilla and King Kong. This new modern origin is pretty silly, and it’s embarrassing to use such ridiculous concepts like Hollow Earth to support a billion dollar franchise. But they certainly take this stupidass concept and run with it, don’t they? They throw in some stupid hover ships and quick trips straight through Antarctica to the Hollow Earth to support this thing. The human characters seem to know all about it, like you can get a Hollow Earth PhD from Stanford or something. I guess this is just what we have to deal with now. Welcome to the new world of movie entertainment.

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